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  1. EuphoricPancake

    Anybody else not being able to access Season 2?

  2. EuphoricPancake

    Anybody else not being able to access Season 2?

    You're right. Figured it'd be under technical assistance, turns out it was a different game. Apologies. To end the discussion with a happy ending though, turns out I just needed to finish a previous season. I still find it strange they make it seem as if the content isn't downloaded to your game, rather than just saying you must finish one season to advance to the next. It's rather misleading, but this is GRID I'm talking about here. Doesn't concern anything F1 related. Have a nice one.
  3. EuphoricPancake

    Season 2 Locked! with Ultimate Edition!

    I do have the red bull ring and the two cars (Ferrari 599XX Evo and Ford GT Heritage Edition). Perhaps you're right. I'll just have to play to see. I just wish they didn't make it out like you hadn't downloaded it yet. Makes me think something went wrong with the downloads and the content isnt in my game. Anyway, Thank you for your response.
  4. Anybody else having difficulties accessing Season 2? It comes up as locked content despite me having the Ultimate Edition which SHOULD gain me access to Seasons 1, 2, and 3 (3 not being out yet of course). When you go to the store to buy Season 2 (I shouldn't need to but I'm desperate) it tells me that the content cannot be selected at this time. Any solutions?
  5. Whenever I try to access Season 2, it tells me "Season Locked!" and directs me to the PlayStation Store only to tell me that the content cannot be accessed at this time. I have the ultimate edition of the game which should give me access to Seasons 1, 2, and 3. I'm I the only person having this issue? Anybody have any solutions?