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  1. Eosman

    Grid Autosport Switch: Unlockables?

    So far from what I can see as you progress you unlock more events. Haven’t seen any unlockables for new cars or liveries. I’ll keep posting here if anything changes.
  2. Do you unlock anything in career mode like more cars or liveries compared to what’s available in Quick Race? Or is everything in quick race unlocked?
  3. @TheEmpireWasRight Wow thanks for sharing that. I had no idea. That was very informative. I do have F1 2018 as well. I’m tempted to compare the two console verses, 2018 & 2019 in regards to the downforce you mentioned. I’m amateur at the game and use most of the assists so it be interesting to see if I do notice this.
  4. Does anyone know if 110% AI difficulty is based on the real life performance/track times of the F1 drivers? Also has anyone seen or come with the top 10 using a controller only against the AI at 110%? Just curious on that if its possible or you really do need a wheel to pull that off.
  5. In free play there is an option to change the “event name” like, heritage challenge, limit breakers, master cup, but as far as I can see it has no impact on the game, does it???
  6. Eosman

    Season 2 Locked! with Ultimate Edition!

    You have it. The issue is you need to fully complete season 1 first. if you go into free play you can select the race bull racing track and the two new season cars. The other cars will be unlocked when you finish season 1 I believe . Anyway I have the same problem as you but I can use the track and 2 cars in free play. I just have not finished season 1 yet .