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  1. OnionTK

    Around the Globe trophy

    I love Grid, and Dirt, like every racing games from Codemasters but come on... 40000km is too much. I strongly agree.
  2. Dont be worry. In my case, I bought the Standard Edition first by using my North American account of PS4, then changed it to Korean account for actual play. Also I purchased season 1 itself, but few days after there were huge discount sales for Grid Ultimate Edition. I thought those upcoming two seasons DLCs will be more expensive than Ultimate Edition on sales, so I bought Ultimate Edition again lol The answer is YES, you dont have to uninstall the Standard Edition to change to play it with Ultimate Edition, it automatically unlocked and noticed to your screen that is upgraded to Ultimate Edition and you can see the VIP status on your main menu. You dont need to start from scratch, your progress is still linked. Ultimate Edition is kind of code I guess. There were nothing to install again or upates.