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  1. Most of everything is covered here, but I'd also like some detailed statistics, to see which car I'm most successful in by class, drive, era, what I usually go for, perhaps even some driving stats on throttle /brake percentages, late/early apexes etc. It would be cool to see the replays of the top 10 players in time trial to analyze their inputs and wheel angles, not just ghosts. And finally, if I finish masters career I wanna be able to show it off to that one person who would also appreciate it without having to make a screenshot at a particular moment, but that's just my very particular pet peeve 🙂
  2. Philigula

    Career stats availability

    @somethingthing I have that achievement and I believe I received it for historic mode group B, because I certainly didn't beat master with those cars. I can manage elite with them but after that it's just too many restarts 🙂
  3. Philigula

    Career stats availability

    So it's not hidden anywhere I haven't looked then. Kind of sad there's no steam achievement for that either, oh well 🙂
  4. Philigula

    Career stats availability

    Hi! A controller user with most assists between 2 and 4 and autobox here, I do feel how much time that auto box steals, but this is my way of frustrating relaxation. Somehow I managed to beat the masters career in a Mini: - 1st in Poland (with engine upgrade II!), - 2nd in Sweden, - 2nd in New Zealand, - 16th in Scotland (I don't think the curve there is exactly in line with others), - 6th or 8th in Monte Carlo (won downhill stages, lost heavily uphill, the fact that I don't remember the exact place is a part of the problem) - 2nd in Spain (again, struggled on every uphill stage but way less than in MC) Anyway, this achievement may seem laughable to you, that's understandable 🙂 I could do RWD up until Elite with unlocked diff, but could only beat Elite with H2 FWD cars, 4WD for some reason I'm not as excited about, to each his own I guess. My issue however is that I have no trace of coming first in masters, and I guess if I don't see it in my stats, it makes me sad. Now I understand, that seeking validation from an AI mode is questionable, but there's now a small void which I probably have to try and fill with beating masters using a more powerful car now... And to get to the question finally: is there a way to confirm my career run if I haven't made any screenshots or is it only a painful yet sweet memory now? 🙂