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  1. Deltek44

    Neutral gear is incorrect in all F1 games by CM

    Funny I never see this mentioned, I just started F1 recently and the first thing I was looking for was to map neutral to a button.
  2. Deltek44

    Setting for Just fastest car period

    Thanks Aceress I will give it a try. I really am not trying to take the fastest setup and go around the track and race I am just trying to have an extreme to understand the settings.
  3. Does anybody know what the setup would be just for the fastest car on any given straight. I dont care about handling, even if it is uncontrollable on turns, or track just speed runs on any straight. I am tying to figure out what all these settings actually effect there isnt much an explanation for some of them.
  4. Deltek44

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    Dude, I dont want to get my virtual racer sick and his virtual crew...CANCEL!
  5. Deltek44

    Tyre marbles not visible on F1 2019 1.21

    Good grief..your using the TV pod cam and out everything the game does and doesnt do right this is what you waste a thread on. Yea...where is the tire marble says the guy using the tv pod cam! Some of you guys really are ridiculous.