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  1. rain+shade = darker than night maps a lot of the time. it's very annoying.. the overly bright maps are less of a problem
  2. tourist

    Can't assign Fanatec shifter

    meanwhile, is there a workaround or something? its very annoying. Merely launching GRID 2019 causes it to get messed up. I don't even have to touch settings or drive. Just start the game, exit -> and gears are wrongly detected in the Fanatec Control panel thingy, so it needs recalibration. Every single time. In other games I can start, play indefinitely without needing recalibration.
  3. tourist

    Fanatec ClubSport v1.5 shifter issue

    have exact same problem, did you ever find a fix for it?
  4. I find it hilarious how much people care about unlocking achievements. Just try to enjoy the game 😄 ignore the achievements
  5. tourist

    [Stadia] Bots run crazy

    bots levels are based on host I guess, apparently it affects their behavior as well (?) It would explain why my bots are getting crazier 😛
  6. tourist

    What cars are top tier in each class?

    @JMJRulz14 I think he meant "what are the best cars in each class"
  7. @CMTGK My career was already 100% finished/gold.. so all of these were repeats.
  8. Tried different mode... haha if you thought 4% was bad. Sydney Motorsport Park - Gardner GP Circuit (3 laps) Time Attack event - career earnings (not counting cost, teammate earnings): 58,594 CREDITS - free play earnings (again not counting cost, teammate): 782 CREDITS (only 1.33% of career) If we were to take into account cost/teammate earnings the difference is even bigger..
  9. Currently career vs free play First invitational event (Mini Cooper on San Francisco Short Circuit B) 1st place career (not counting cost or teammate, to have a consistent comparison) = 18,750 CREDITS 1st place free play (again, not counting cost or teammate earnings) = 782 CREDITS (only 4.17% of career mode) this is on hard difficulty, no flashbacks, no ABS, no TC, no stability control, no racing line, manual shifting, interior cam, terminal damage enabled. All we are saying is that THERE IS A HUGE GAP between career and free play.. We get it, you want us to prefer career mode, but can we please have a more reasonable difference? only 4% payout means we have to spend +-25 times more time to unlock a car for same amount of effort?
  10. @CMTGK From my experience AI difficulty, assists and/or race length multiplier (from career) don't affect payout at all (or very little) The 1st two Invitational races (Mini Cooper) easily payout 30K or more for 3 laps or so unlike the two first races in Touring cars, those pay a lot less. I wonder what do you (CodeMasters) consider to be a fair reward for doing the exact same race (Mini Cooper) in free play? 10%? 20%? 50%? I will do this test later this evening.
  11. Are me and my friends the only ones who encounter this issue or what? Can someone else please post if they can or cannot see payouts in multiplayer?
  12. I know it's a very low payout but 99 seems extremely low lol... what place did you finish? 🙂 and if you can remember.. Track/car, I'm not sure what affects the payout tbh. I'm not sure what the logic behind payouts in career mode is either, some car class/event types seem to pay out way more than others. For example compare 1st two races in Touring cars to 1st two races in Invitational category... massive difference in payout.
  13. Career still gives way more credits than free play, I don't see how this change prevents people from unlocking cars too fast. All they have to do is play a few career events.. pays out easily 10x more than free play. All this is currently doing is ruining free play.
  14. I don't see multiplayer earnings? If you do see them in video, please point them out to me with timestamp - if video is blurry, youtube is still rendering high res version. I have a bunch of recordings, but I think a single demonstration video should suffice. If not let me know... I will upload the rest. Got to see my winnings once, but only because I had a penalty (see screenshot)
  15. After multiplayer races the game doesn't tell you how much credits/money you've earned (only shows XP, levelup etc) Only way to find out is to remember what you had before the race and then calculate the difference. Surely this is not intended? We do see the Cost window popup after a race though... Doesn't seem to matter if multiplayer AI is enabled or not, the result is the same. I'm playing the Steam version of GRID 2019, don't know exactly what version, it doesn't show in bottom left corner(?) It's still going on since season 2 released. My friends report they can't see it either. Although one of them swore he could see it popup very briefly once...but I have no clue what he saw.