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  1. HowardMotz

    G920 wheel PC stopped/disappeared

    Thanks CMTGK, I tried every empty USB '5' on my PC. Some with both the wheel and my Xbox 360 controller. The later works the wheel doesn't? I checked for new Logitech firmware. And installed new G-Hub gaming hardware interface. The wheel wouldn't connect in that app. until I put plugged it into a powered USB hub? The wheel still doesn't show up in Grid 2019. Works perfectly on Forza games. I also just found Windows updates, which I installed. No help there. Did a file integrity check with Windows tool. All was good. I know it could still be a local problem on my end. Just seems strange it works on other games?
  2. HowardMotz

    G920 wheel PC stopped/disappeared

    OK, replaced all files in the "input" using (Steam, file check and recovery). Game starts up and runs. When I check the controller configure in the games menu, there is no listing for my Logitech G920 Steering Wheel. Only keyboard is listed, unless I plug one of my other controllers into a USB, it will instantly show. But not the Logitech Steering wheel. Which by the way works on every other game. I got 12 hrs. of play on this game. The wheel stopped responding and I checked the controller configure menu in game, and the Logitech wheel was 'greyed out' with no options but to "remove from list"? Which I did hoping when I restarted, the game would reacquire the wheel. But it hasn't since. I completely removed the game and reinstalled with Steam. The Steering Wheel is still missing. When I "removed it from List", Where is that list? How to I put it back on the list? I tried to follow these instructions in Steam/common/steamapps/grid2019/input/ "device_defines.xml" - " "To add a new device add a device node with following attributes: id - The hardware id for PC devices is essentially '{PID#VID#-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}' where PID# and VID# is replaced with the Product ID and Vender ID of the device. You can get these ID's by looking in Devices & Printers, Properties on the required device, Hardware tab, USB Input Device, Properties. In 'Information' you should see VID_XXX and PID_XXX. Take the hex values proceeding the underscore and replace into the above sample. e.g. 'Device USB\{ID_045E&PID_028E&IG_00\8&3afa0edf&0&00 was configured.' {028E045E-0000-0000-0000-504944564944} name - The name of the device matching the name used in the action maps." To no avail.
  3. G920 was working until around Nov.? 2019. After recent updates decided to play game again. Logitech G920 was greyed out in game controller options menu. Only option for G920 drop down menu was to "remove it from list"? So tried that in hopes of it resetting. But it just disappeared, never showing up again. Even after reinstalling game from, "Steam". And removing file "imputes" and having Steam reinstall new replacements. Only "keyboard" shows up as controller option. Where is this "list" of controllers, so I can manually turn on G920 wheel? Or other remedies?