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  1. Shnaiper

    new cars for dirt rally 2.0

    1)Loeb's Xsara should be added 2) some retro cars (mini's age): Moskvitch Volga (GAZ-21) SAAB 3)Talbot, Trabant
  2. Shnaiper

    Saves doesnot work

    Has anybody same problems?
  3. Shnaiper

    Offline progress lost

    The same
  4. Hello! I have won my third historic championship — Modern Classic. I have got medals in steam for that (look foto 1). But at the moment in game client — presrnt day Championshops are closed. And Isee only 2 winning championships (foto 2,3,4,5) Why????? Saves doesnot work also in World rallycross Championship and in monthly and weekly AI events.