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  1. DavC63s

    Save Replay

    For the record, it was an offline career mode race (On PC) that I was trying to save. I would still like to see an explanation from Codemasters, if the comments above are true. I mean it’s not as if there is a technological obstacle to a save or export
  2. DavC63s

    Save Replay

    Well, thanks for the response. The consolation is that it's not be being stupid. I would love to hear from someone at Codemasters to explain this extraordinary decision.
  3. DavC63s

    Save Replay

    Seriously? Why would Codemasters want to prevent saving of a race? Again, I'm probably being dumb, but when I see someone posting their race coverage, after the fact, on youtube, how are they doing that?
  4. DavC63s

    Save Replay

    I have searched before posting, but came up with no results, suggesting that I am the one being dumb here. I cannot figure out how to save a career race replay. I have watched part of it after the actual race, but I cannot see a way of saving it for viewing later.
  5. I have just had a message come up in-game to tell me some elements of the game will not be available as "the Schumacher DLC has been removed" By whom and why?
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