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  1. DavC63s

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    This happened back in June or July, and it has happened again! DavC63S PC Steam
  2. Initially I thought we were talking at cross purposes. I know exactly how to set up the bite point and use the double clutch - I have done so in other titles. My question was how did you set the bite point and get the clutches to work specifically in F1 2020? In fact I had seen that video before I ordered the paddles, which is what led me to assume that they do work in F1 2020. Later I realised that all the comments had been removed from below the video in youtube, which gave me cause for concern. So far I have only found this video and your comments that claim that analogue clutches can be used in F! 2020. Whereas posts by official representatives of Fanatec, and others, and even posts on this forum suggest that they can't. Although you say that they will work on the formation or start grid (I haven't tried that again since reading your post) how are you setting the bite point, given that you don't have control of the car until the light sequence, and even if you were quick enough to go through the process during the start light sequence setting the bite point requires finding the point with the 2nd clutch at which the car moves - penalty! p.s. I have now tried setting a random bite point of 50 and attempted to use the clutch paddles for a race start. The difference is that you don't have to hold the up shifter In first gear. But when the lights go out, the car launches without dropping either of the clutches. I am still not clear exactly what you have achieved and how you are doing it.
  3. Exactly how are you achieving that? I upgraded to Podium advanced paddles in the misguided expectation that I would be able to bind the clutch paddles. But I now seem to be reading all over the place (as per cearp8858's post above) that the analog clutch is not supported by Codemasters. Please explain how you have got this to work.
  4. I am normally quite conscientious in researching and understanding stuff before I part with my hard earned. But on this occasion I seem to have wasted a good deal of money and installation time. 95% of my time in my rig is on F1 2020. So I have just invested in a Podium Paddle module to enhance the whole process of race starts. Everything seemed to be fine (in terms of installation and testing with Fanatec software) until I tried to set the bite point and use the system in F! 2020. I could not even disengage the clutch. On trying to find out what the problem was I came to understand that Codemasters doesn't even support analog clutch, even though there is a "manual clutch" option in the binding settings. Is this really the case? I have refuted the argument from some elitists that F1 2020 is nothing more than an arcade game, but now I am beginning to wonder.
  5. DavC63s

    Save Replay

    For the record, it was an offline career mode race (On PC) that I was trying to save. I would still like to see an explanation from Codemasters, if the comments above are true. I mean it’s not as if there is a technological obstacle to a save or export
  6. DavC63s

    Save Replay

    Well, thanks for the response. The consolation is that it's not be being stupid. I would love to hear from someone at Codemasters to explain this extraordinary decision.
  7. DavC63s

    Save Replay

    Seriously? Why would Codemasters want to prevent saving of a race? Again, I'm probably being dumb, but when I see someone posting their race coverage, after the fact, on youtube, how are they doing that?
  8. DavC63s

    Save Replay

    I have searched before posting, but came up with no results, suggesting that I am the one being dumb here. I cannot figure out how to save a career race replay. I have watched part of it after the actual race, but I cannot see a way of saving it for viewing later.
  9. DavC63s

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    Nope. Still sitting in DLC management as "downloading" instead of "installed" on my system, which it has been since the removal.
  10. DavC63s

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    DJOGemballa Steam PC
  11. DavC63s

    Schumacher DLC removed

    I have just had a message come up in-game to tell me some elements of the game will not be available as "the Schumacher DLC has been removed" By whom and why?