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    Wet Weather Setup Advice

    Let me just add with the diff; the more open the more the car will roll around the corners (at cost of potential straight line speed), so I do usually open up the off-throttle diff and it feels better. But I am unable to reason through on-throttle diff, as if I open it up I am concerned the car will rotate too much on throttle and not hook up. But if I stay at 100% I'm thinking I might be driving too much power too quickly to both rears and losing grip that way. Back to your advice, probably best to just do a session at a couple tracks in time trial and tinker for feel... and then just make laps to work on my own driving.
  2. brsteg

    Wet Weather Setup Advice

    I will just say that, stability and traction under acceleration is still a huge problem with TC in the wet {when you are used to dry TC} in medium to higher speed corners. (Low speed you often can mat it and it just doesn't go anywhere because of TC not allowing the power transmission). Braking stability is still quite good IMO with ABS, you just have to watch for the over driving and pushing the nose out, just like dry weather but many times more magnified. Thank you for the advice.
  3. AI isn't consistent track to track; but I cherry picked some info from Tom97's youtube. He has said he uses 106 difficulty at Mexico and the sim time for pole was a little less than half a second slower than real life 2019 pole time during season 1 of his career mode. Take what you want from a random example; but realism would seem to be around 105 plus or minus a couple clicks.
  4. brsteg

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    I'm on 75% difficulty currently, 50% race, career mode season 2 next race is France. I've now ran 3 races in a row with no SC or VSC; so idk why so many so quickly but now it seems to be averaging out.
  5. brsteg

    F1 2020 game release date

    I can see wanting equal cars in signle player for Grand Prix and Season modes so you could just run your favorite livery or teams and be able to race for wins (casual player). I don't see how putting equal cars into career mode makes sense. You can say "more options", but this is something that could take some development and code testing to work. If I'm wrong and it's easy then do it; but if it'd take any amount of time to develop and test i just don't think it makes sense to add to a career mode option. Counter suggestion, make the option of equal cars in Grand Prix and Season mode but also add the option for the single player to use their chosen # and avatar in these modes so the casual player can get that extra level of immersion while just running one race or single season. (In these modes have player choose his between the 2 team drivers like now but add a third "card" to pick your avatar. If you pick 'yourself' then allow the player to pick his teammate like in career mode).
  6. If you knock the wing off on the 1st or 2nd lap on a set of hards you are going to have a hard time making mediums work in a 50% race without auto random flats being an issue. Also if you are on a medium strategy and you clunk on the first lap or 2 you could possibly be forced off of fresher mediums for more worn mediums. But the real outlier is the hard strategy and if you clunk the wing off in that first 2 maybe 3 laps. You only have one set of the hards, and I definitely would prefer to keep my hards and eat the pit road delta instead of risk a flat, huge drop off in pace, or adding 2 additional stops (instead of just 1 additional) with a switch to mediums. Relatable to real life or not doesn't really matter; this is a real situation created by the game play and systems in certain length races. And it could happen in real life under perfect circumstance even if it hasn't yet. (May see guys more willing to chance extending medium in real life by 1-2 laps because "auto-random" punctures aren't a thing, though running them to the cords is).
  7. I discovered, you can actually see a breakdown of every lap you and each AI runs in practice. Go to the leaderboard screen and select a driver and it's an option to view their laps and you see a break down by sector for every lapped turned. Now speed trap times need to be added to the leaderboard tab in some way. And also need to fix the break between actual trap speeds and what rank and speed is verbally told to you by the engineer. I do particularly like the race engineer suggestion; kind of like how Project Cars 2 has. (Hopefully better, but honestly it'll probably take a couple iterations to get right).
  8. brsteg

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    I was in season 1, and did not have to restart; just started having safety cars once the patch hit. I think I'm at 6 of 9 races having a safety car since the patch. (Had a blow up right in front of me at Baku on the front stretch into turn 1 and there was no safety car. {Entire race at Baku of all places of safety car free}.) It's an interesting system they have in place. SC has allowed me to get 2 wins I wasn't going to get otherwise and one other significantly better finish, which I had altered strategy banking on a safety car and it came at a very good time to make it work.
  9. brsteg

    Battling with the AI

    Everyone has different gripes. I have an issue where AI isn't spatially aware and chops me in corners when I try to out brake. Now I am an admittant dive bomber (working on becoming more skilled); but there are several times I felt I was there and did a proper out brake and not a dive bomb and the AI still goes for the normal racing line and turns into me like Schumacher on Villenueve (or Hill if you prefer). Really like to see AI be more spatially aware. Could they be better at defending? Maybe.. but I think that awareness and AI somehow getting the intelligence to take a wider line when 2 or 3 wide, and lifiting to avoid an incident would be better spent. In my career mode I was 3 wide with Weber and Butler into the hairpin at China, and Weber in the middle turns into me like he's taking the normal line, then we all wash out and push Butler wide (who took the normal AI side by side line). Butler uses the access for a bit but as it goes from paved run off to grass, instead of lifting and taking a bit of grass to get onto the circuit Butler's AI turned right into the gravel trap. (Did not get pushed, turned right.. it's in the replay still.) This is a nice photo endorsement of Codie's story mode though!
  10. brsteg

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    Have you updated with all the latest patched. As I stated, I went from never, literally; to now I've had 4 safety cars out of 6 races and one additional VSC with patch 1.21 I believe.
  11. Less fuel, fresh tires, mock qualifying runs.
  12. brsteg

    Dirty a.i

    I will say I partially agree with the take. I would not label "dirty", but the AI seem to be less spatially aware than previous versions of the game (but long before the latest patch.) I will admit freely I am a bit of a dive bomber, so I accept some responsibility for contact and why I use Flashbacks as I try to improve my in game skills. But there are also out braking moves, or cases where I am fully beside an AI and they have no sign of acknowledging my existence. Very early in the game AI awareness did seem to be much better. I don't know if there were complaints about AI just getting out of the way or what; but I don't think they ever did they just wouldn't turn in on you mid corner and would not run you wide. I don't really mid the AI running me wide corner exit as it's actually true to life, but in the future I'd like to see higher AI awareness to avoid getting chopped on mid corner on (fair) out braking moves and race starts. Unfortunately for my feedback is a little weak on when change happened, just know it's not relatively new as I've been a pretty casual player.
  13. Respectfully no they wouldn't; because I believe majority still want to have dynamic weather and race in the wet, just a fair fight. Yes, it would be awesome to have the ability to customize the weather in career so rain sessions don't become over bearing and the more casual player can choose all dry. But it won't change the fact that you need balanced conditions for AI and player in the wet. (An underhanded solution may be to give the player low TT even if selected no in rain conditions and then deny deny deny. {Real solution if I understand the problem correctly is different coding for AI to where the AI don't have TT if the player doesn't, as I had read somewhere on the forum the AI are basically coded with it, and regardless of what the player selects.})
  14. brsteg

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    But in career mode they are now triggered too easily and you get them most every race. (Went from never to always)
  15. brsteg

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    In the full replay you can switch drivers; so if you know who went out at the SC you switch on board with that driver and find the accident. Then you can switch cams (TV, etc) to view it in full. I did for a race in my career mode and wish I could have taken a video but didn't think enough of it. Full safety car came out for a blown engine, except it looked like the yellow came out first then the car slowed and just disappeared. I'll be a little more hawk like, as I've been getting one full SC every race since the update patch (but I've only ran 3 career races since.)
  16. brsteg

    Handling in 2019

    I keep reading that they had a good game and then patched the heck out of it and made a bad game; but no one ever gives real specifics. What changed that made it not a good game? I know they made some changes to make the cars faster to closer match real life. Was this the patch the game went from good to bad? What do you feel changed in handling and otherwise? (AI wet balancing is one that is always listed specifically as they went from too easy to God like to just Herculean; so feel free to leave that out) 2019 is my first Codemasters F1 game and I love it still and haven't noticed any patched killing handling or game play. (career mode player). But so many multi title players hate F1 2019 and I'm honestly wanting to hear more specifics to why. More on OT. the cars are a bit under-steery but with nothing to compare to it's still very manageable and after getting some setups I find I just have to adjust my driving and not over drive the car. With the changes in aero heading into 2019 you can see how that got built into the games DNA.
  17. UPDATE: The below issue was a one time issue and not been repeated in playing deeper into the career mode. No issue with the patch on this. Anyone else on PS4 have any issues after this patch, with race replay not being archived, and going straight to the options screen prior to FP1 and once again after advancing weeks to the next Grand Prix in career mode? First race with the new patch and had those small issues. Not advanced to FP1 of the next weekend to see if it was something consistent.
  18. brsteg

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    Race replays are a thing.
  19. brsteg

    AI simulated times

    This seems to be a legacy bug of the past several titles of the F1 game from watching youtubers. Really would like to see this fixed!
  20. brsteg

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    I still say it'd be a very nice game touch if Codemasters could figure out how to make it work that any teams that withdrawl or any events that are cancelled are omitted from season 1 of career mode only. However now is time to hope that we start to see slowdown on the spread of this thing so we aren't depleting our resources.
  21. brsteg

    F1 2021 Career Mode Ideas

    Idk if this is frowned upon, but I'm going to bump once more (and I promise only once more) simply because I was hoping to get feedback from other game players. I know these aren't all new ideas, but some I haven't heard before.. and just wanted to know if you guys liked some, hated some, or just anything in between.
  22. Here is something I would like to see added to the game: I'd like to see an option for single race or season mode: That we can use our avatar and number. Just keep yourself more immersed in the game even if you aren't a career mode player or are one wanting to go outside of career mode. On the driver selection, make it like career mode and pick your teammate. The option to do custom grids, and decide where I start and any AI cars start on the grid, with ability to put as many cars (up to full grid) or as few cars as I want (as little as 2, yourself and one AI). This feature was in the EA release F1 2000 and I loved being able to set up reverse grids, or grids without the top teams just for giggles. All play modes: More race length options! Personally I don't know why we can't just pick any number of laps that we want up to full race. But at least I'd like more options with amount of laps and also more choices for percents of race. More to OT (I felt it was kinda related but with a tangent), I'm not sure why a career mode player would really want to just start in a random grid spot (single player sure); but the ability to sim Q is already in the game in instances where the player misses Q2 &/or Q3. (There is legacy bugs with this sim system where it sims the base car models and not the updated developed career mode models.) So I guess why not add a button and a separate loop to just sim Q1 also?
  23. brsteg

    Would you like to have an spotter

    Yes, make the mirrors work or add a virtual mirror... No to spotters; recording the audio and to get it to work properly IMO would be resources best used elsewhere. (An on/off option not realistic mirror is less time and cost to develop in my educated guess)
  24. brsteg

    F1 2021 Career Mode Ideas

    Just want to add a comment to bump this thread since it needed to be edited from it's original state.
  25. brsteg

    F1 2020 WISH LIST.

    I'd like to see short-medium-long career mode options. Short, go straight to F1 and pick any team. Medium, basically be the 2019 Career mode with a story mode single F2 season and pick any F1 team. Long, a story mode rookie year of F2 similar to 2019 Career, followed by a full season of F2. F1 teams available based on performance and driver academy selected. More cut scenes through at least rookie year of F1. Ideally still get some sparce cut scenes throughout career mode if you had any direct incidents with your rivals. And I want my character to have a voice and for me to be able to select different pieces of dialog like Madden 20 or something. I didn't really like Lukas doing all of my talking.