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  1. In NASCAR Heat games if you verify with your account that you are older than 21 you get all the alcohol sponsors and paint schemes in the game. I don't know if they could do something similar in F1 where if you age and location verify you could get the tobacco affiliated and alcohol sponsors in the game. (21 should be a safe universal age though I know international law differs and then geo locate to block in places where there is a hard ban. Not something worth putting many resources into, but an idea that maybe they could get to and explore eventually.
  2. UPDATE: The below issue was a one time issue and not been repeated in playing deeper into the career mode. No issue with the patch on this. Anyone else on PS4 have any issues after this patch, with race replay not being archived, and going straight to the options screen prior to FP1 and once again after advancing weeks to the next Grand Prix in career mode? First race with the new patch and had those small issues. Not advanced to FP1 of the next weekend to see if it was something consistent.
  3. Idk if this is frowned upon, but I'm going to bump once more (and I promise only once more) simply because I was hoping to get feedback from other game players. I know these aren't all new ideas, but some I haven't heard before.. and just wanted to know if you guys liked some, hated some, or just anything in between.
  4. Just want to add a comment to bump this thread since it needed to be edited from it's original state.
  5. It's getting late in the development to add anything not already being worked on; and frankly 2021 will be the next game I get of the franchise unless something mind blowing comes out in the 2020 game. (I'm still not very far in 2019, but loving it.) But anyway since other threads are full and talking 2020 I thought I'd start fresh with and with mostly ideas for career mode. Give the player options of a Short-Medium-Long career mode play through. Short- straight to F1 and player chooses any team. Medium- Basically the 2019 career mode with
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