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  1. RyxProductions

    F1 Game Global Community Survey 2020

    Haha. Sorry UP100. I must have missed those surveys when they came out! Do you guys publish the results? It's just I see so many wishlist style posts, I thought creating this survey would be a great way to collate everyones thoughts. It has got a lot of engagement so far which is great! I'm wondering if it'd be OK if I posted the results on the forum?
  2. Have your say in future F1 games! We've created an unofficial F1 game global community survey to show Codemasters how the community want future games developed. Our goal is for Codemasters to see the real feedback from players and F1 fans, in order for them to be able to further develop and change their upcoming F1 games. All responses will be collated and delivered to Codemasters, so the more of the community that participate the stronger the feedback becomes. https://forms.gle/1X6XVECvRosdhdWB8
  3. Did you watch it, and what did you think?
  4. Such a shame. Hopefully Microsoft will sort this issue with the release of the new console later this year. 🤞
  5. RyxProductions

    Clubsport V2 wheel

    Fingers crossed Microsoft will lift some of these restrictions with the new console that is out late this year. 🤞
  6. RyxProductions

    Thrust master tmx

    @Deathmonster92 Here are some recommended base settings for certain racing wheels, including Thrustmaster. This should provide a good base to adjust from, just as Barry mentioned. Hope this helps. 👍 https://simracingsetup.com/f1-2019-news-guides/f1-2019-best-force-feedback-settings/#t300-ffb
  7. RyxProductions

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    😂 That would be brilliant. Imagine driving around Bahrain in game with no crowd... I would like to hope Codies keep China in game. Do we know if/when the FIA are going to make a final call on whether China will be moved to later in the year?
  8. RyxProductions

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    Thanks Up100 👍
  9. RyxProductions

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    I really hope they don't remove the Chinese GP from F1 2020 due to the postponement... It's such a fun track to drive, one of my top 5. If the Chinese GP is re-arranged to take place later in the year, during the summer break for example, I wonder if Codies will move it in the in-game calendar?
  10. RyxProductions

    F1 2020 Game Leaked Screenshot

    A leaked screenshot of the new F1 2020 game...?? 👀
  11. RyxProductions

    F1 2020 Season Mods For F1 2019

    Have any of you guys tried out the 2020 season mods for the 2019 game whilst we wait for Codies? Ive played both Gallus’ mod and JBuron72’s and both are great. JBuron has slightly more realistic car liveries. You can view both mods here - F1 2020 Season Mod link For me they have helped me jump back into F1 2019 and given it another lease of life prior to the new season. 👍
  12. RyxProductions

    Anyone race with a direct drive racing wheel?

    Agreed, the Fanatec dd wheel bases are great to race with. It feels much more involved imo, although I have found myself lapping slower than with my old G29!!!
  13. RyxProductions

    Anyone race with a direct drive racing wheel?

    Just wondering if anyone races on F1 2019 with a direct drive wheel such as a Fanatec Podium and how they find it?
  14. RyxProductions

    F1 2019 Abu Dhabi Hotlap + Setup (PC Top 100)

    Nice clean lap. 👍 You're using a super high look to apex camera setting, do you not find that hard to drive with?
  15. RyxProductions

    Car Setups for xbox one F1 2019

    You can download them from the top time trial times, however these will only really be useful in time trial modes as they will destroy your tyres in a regular race or practice session. This website has a load of F1 2019 and F1 2018 car setups - SimRacingSetups