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  1. Such a shame. Hopefully Microsoft will sort this issue with the release of the new console later this year. ūü§ě
  2. Thanks Marcel. Do you have a link to the Thrustmaster rumors or a rough date, as I'm thinking of investing in one pretty soonish. It's a shame about all of the different inputs on the wheel. Does Xbox only allow inputs for the buttons on the controller? Can't you map different buttons from a wheel to functions in game?
  3. Just a follow up, do you guys reckon F1 2020 will have VR support, as that would be amazing?
  4. Hi guys. I'm just wondering what you guys use to drive with? I'm currently using a Logitech G920 and it's OK. I'm looking to buy a good direct drive wheel, so wondered if you had any recommendations? I've seen the Fanatec Podium wheel which looks great. Although I don't think it is compatible with Xbox. This review I read isn't clear? Do you guys know if it is or not? If not do you use any direct drive wheels on Xbox which you'd recommend? Thanks!
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