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  1. mobileracingfan

    New update

    No Suzuka fix? I read people are cheating by cutting the last chicane.
  2. mobileracingfan

    Esports challenge impossible?

    You now get an extra 7s to finish Austin after the new update. LOL.
  3. mobileracingfan

    Japan 0 pi

    You can't set a good lap time if you can't take the three S curves flat out. I spent 2 hours on this section and still can't get it right. It's next to impossible on 0 PI. I gave up. 😞
  4. mobileracingfan

    Bad drivers

    Mod please ban this offensive user name. It's not funny.
  5. mobileracingfan

    Bad drivers

    HITIER TOO Ahat pushed me to the pit wall in France and gained a lot of time.
  6. mobileracingfan

    AI ferraris

    Until they fixed this brake test issue, I slip stream all AIs only 2/3 of the way and get off the racing line before entering a corner just to be safe.
  7. mobileracingfan

    Well this looks promising!

    They may just as well do a quali within sprint / grip start race and save all the trouble.
  8. mobileracingfan

    They fixed Monza

    They "fixed" the final chicane at Catalunya too. If you touch the inside rumble strip, you'll be limping all the way to the finish line.
  9. mobileracingfan

    In Game Solar Panel AdvertisemenT

    He did a new one with a bigger and more perfectly oval head. Now repeat with different cities 10 millions times. LOL.
  10. mobileracingfan

    Anyone has the Neenum car?

    Does it drive better than the custom car? I got the Red Bull. It's faster but you can't customize the livery so I'm wondering if you can do that with the Neenum and at the same time gain a performance edge over the custom car. Thanks.
  11. mobileracingfan

    They fixed Monza

    Yes about twice to three times the time penalty now so it's not worth it.
  12. mobileracingfan

    Well this looks promising!

    The shield can protect you only briefly. If your opponent hits you twice in a row on the straight, he can still get you. I'm seeing my car going airborne a lot more after getting hit with the shield. This is ridiculous.
  13. mobileracingfan

    Well this looks promising!

    You can no longer do blocking and it took away the fun of racing.
  14. mobileracingfan

    Bad drivers

    No, it doesn't work and reports to the black hole.
  15. mobileracingfan

    AI ferraris

    You never tailgate AI Ferraris or you will pay dearly.