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  1. Mod please ban this offensive user name. It's not funny.
  2. HITIER TOO Ahat pushed me to the pit wall in France and gained a lot of time.
  3. They may just as well do a quali within sprint / grip start race and save all the trouble.
  4. He did a new one with a bigger and more perfectly oval head. Now repeat with different cities 10 millions times. LOL.
  5. The shield can protect you only briefly. If your opponent hits you twice in a row on the straight, he can still get you. I'm seeing my car going airborne a lot more after getting hit with the shield. This is ridiculous.
  6. You can no longer do blocking and it took away the fun of racing.
  7. No, it doesn't work and reports to the black hole.
  8. Another professional start line rammer who times his move perfectly to bypass the shield and nudges you into the wall or off track so you lose a lot of time.
  9. You can't drive through your opponent. Just tried it at the last corner of Abu Dhabi. You bounce off and get hit with engine cut penalty.
  10. CM is aware of this "brake test" issue and working on a fix. https://codemasters.helpshift.com/a/f1-mobile-racing/?s=hot-topics-known-issues&f=update-14---a-i-opponents-brake-slow-down-abruptly-since-the-release-of-the-last-update&p=web
  11. At least this shield puts the reverse driving cheats out of business.
  12. It's not like quali. You will bounce off if you try to rear end / go through your opponent.
  13. Most of the RUL (Race You Later) crowd drives like ahats. You won't get a clean race everytime you see "RUL".
  14. Garbage at Silverstone and Melbourne. Cheat bumped me off track at one of the first fast corners at Silverstone. At Melbourne I was hit hard, went airborne and then DNF.
  15. Not working too well at the first corner of Hungary. I was at P1 and deliberately took the normal racing line just to test the system. Boom my opponent at P4 or 5 T-boned me while I was making my turn slowly. I saw the guard flashing but it did nothing for me. I bounced off track and went straight to the back end of the grid. The system doesn't seem to work at low speed.
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