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  1. minipete

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    What I don't understand is how it seems to be accepted logic that dialling down the FFB is somehow giving the game broader appeal. Surely the more realistic it feels the easier it is to play! FFB is SO important in a racing game regardless of whether it supposed to be 'SIM' or 'ARCADE'. It is so disappointing to get a new game to find out almost immediately you'll never really play it much as it's just not enjoyable. (You'll have guessed that's how I'm feeling right now). I knew within 30 minutes I won't play this again as the FFB is so bad. Fortunately I got hard copy so at least I'll get a few quid back.
  2. minipete


    Did anyone get any news on this. Picked up GRID for X Box X on Sunday as Project Cars 2 looks awful and has bugs. Forza 7 just doesn't...I dunno, feel right BUT one game I keep loving is Rally 2.0. This is 'cos it feels so good with my Logitech G920 and it feels like a good sim to me across the whole board, including menus and replays (i.e you can almost smell the petrol and rubber!). So, logic dictates GRID will tick all the boxes for my track based fix right? It's CM after all. I did my research and get that it's a bit arcadey (the voice overs and the fireworks make me cringe) - but the Mini Miglia races sell it to me on their own. HOWEVER - as per this topic, the FFB is appalling. Why when it's so good on Rally? It's such a pity as from what I can tell, if you stay away from the city circuits which frankly are just demolition derby, the racing could be really good.