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  1. SpeedyJB

    [PC] Freezing and crashing

    OK thank you BarryBL, concerning 6, i did every thing told in the Faya's technical assistance thread. I checked the integrity of F1 2019 in steam, it is ok, and i just send you informations needed at community(AT)codemasters.com. DxDiag.txt
  2. SpeedyJB

    [PC] Freezing and crashing

    1- The screen freeze at random time, sound of engine is freezing too (OMG). The game is blocked... 2- Version 2.1 3- Career, on the first race... cant finnish the race, freeze /crash between lap 3-8 at melbourne race. Freeze in time trial too after few laps. 4- Dont know, i changed graphic settings at the lowest, but the problem is the same. THe only solution is to go in task manager and kill F1 2019 in process... 5- I cant finnish the first race, and i had several crashed during free test and qualifications... 6- ? 7- I use G29 8- No screenshots or video... And today for the first and only time i had the message: Direct3d has been removed (0x887A0005), but here, it simply crahed and return to windows with this error message...
  3. Hi, I installed the game last week, i play with G29, and my game froze and crashed with patch 1.2, and still freezing and crashing with 1.21 on windows 7, GTX 750Ti, 16 GB RAM. My game ALWAYS freeze and crash after few laps 3-7. The image has frozen and i need to do a CTL+ALT+DEL to go in task manager, and to kick F1 2019 from applications... Game mode: championship solo: i cant finnish the first race, Melbourne.... Always freezing and crashing... I could go to lap 9 just 1 time... It freeze in TIME TRIAL too... after few laps... I didn't test the other mods, i am noob driver, and need to learn. Need help...