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  1. rheckart11

    F1 2019 FOV values

    I’ve found this as well, though I haven’t even found any follow-up information from Codemasters that verifies it. My understanding is that the creator of that particular calculator did his/her best to approximate what he believed the numbers should be. Thanks for the response regardless
  2. rheckart11

    F1 2019 FOV values

    I’m running cockpit personally. Thanks
  3. rheckart11

    F1 2019 FOV values

    Hello, I’ve searched around to see if this has already been answered, but I can’t find any reliable answers so hopefully y’all can help. When adjusting camera settings in F1 2019 (PS4), what is the relationship between the FOV slider and actual FOV in degrees. I have my comfort zone setup in PCARS2 and would like to establish continuity, but I’m struggling to understand whether 1.00 means 100deg or what. Thanks for any help