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  1. Missing interior on both variants of Bahrain when F2 2019 or F2 2020 car is selected for Time Trial PS4 Pro version 1.14 with Dualshock 4 Time Trial Always reproducible when creating a Time trial race using any F2 car on any Bahrain track. Not reprudicible on other tracks (tried only a few like RedBullRing, Silvestone and Melbourne).
  2. Livery was updated in patch 1:09. Ad for VELO was not used as expected. But why they didn't use DUFRY? Because DUFRY is Duty Free Shops operator selling tobacco and alcohol? In the past, EA was replacing tobacco products with fake ads in theirs F1 games. Maybe Codemasters could replace VELO with LOVE?
  3. Both Steam and Playstation versions are really gone. But Xbox360 game and all DLCs are still available to this day. But no Season pass or discount. Edit Sep 30th: still available on Xbox.
  4. Grid Autosport was removed from Steam and Playstation Store yesterday. So no discount, no warning, nothing. At this moment it's possible to buy DLC on XBox360/One (it's backwards compatible) but there was no Season Pass on Xbox.
  5. GRID 2 was released on May 28, 2013 and was removed from electronic stores on August 12, 2019. GRID Autosport was released on June 24, 2014 so it will be removed during August or September this year.
  6. Localizations for Eastern Europe are long term issue for a lot of companies. Just few weeks ago it was announced that Ubisoft will no longer make Czech localisations, so Assassin's Creed Valhalla will be the first AC game without Czech localization (AC1 to ACReveletions were localised to Czech only on PC). EA did the same 10 years ago when annoucing that Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3 will not be localized to Czech when previous games were. Codemaster did in cooperation with CD Projekt Czech (now Comgad) several Czech localizations including voice over in Colin McRae series (including th
  7. And another reply to myself. Problem is not in EGO engine, but in PlayStation 3 itself which takes Dualshock 4 as a generic controller and is ignoring sensitivity on both DS4 triggers. More info here.
  8. I'll answer to myself. Seem that all EGO engine powered games do not like Dualshock 4 connected to PS3. Well they can technically be played with that gamepad, but it's harder then with default Dualshock 3. I tested F1 2010, 2011, 2013, 2013 and 2014. All have the same issue with DS4 like GRID Autosport on PS3. More info here. DS4 should be blocked from using from these games like it's blocked in Gran Turismo 5 and 6 which can't be controlled by Dualshock 4 at all.
  9. Hello, I'm having issues with triggers sensitivity on Dualshock 4 when playing GRID Autosport on PS3. It seems that there are only two possitions. Full throttle and no power at all. There's no fluid analogue movement as on a standard Dualshock 3 (which I hate to hold in my bog hands). Is there any option or some other way how to fix it?
  10. I have played GRID Autorsport on PC when it was released in 2014. And I've written a review for second biggest Czech gaming site Zing.cz with a score 8/10. But since than I stopped playing games on PC and moved to consoles. I was happy that F1 2013 and DiRT 3 were released as a complete versions on discs. Unfortunatelly GRID2 and GRID Autosport weren't. And I can't play a lot of stuff on GRID2 because DLCs are no longer available. DLCs for GRID Autosport will be probably removed from stores this year. So also I would be happy if Season pass could be in a discount once more to complete
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