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  1. ReeceWon

    Practice programmes too darn hard (2019)

    Wow difficulty set to “1” and still not completing them. Are you upgrading parts on the car? Is the engine worn out? Has to be settings/bug/ or severely damaged or worn car. Curious to know if the problem was corrected and what caused it.
  2. ReeceWon

    F1 2019 Radio commands with Jeff

    I personally think it also comes down to how often you use the commands and how long you’ve had the game. I’ve been playing F1 2019 since December and it being one of the few games I play I guess I’ve pretty much memorized how many screens over and how many lines down a particular command is. I’ve gone through so many gaming headphones with mics over the years I’ve found that cellular headphones with mic work just as well when verbally doing commands. I have a drawer full of mobile phone headphones that were never used with phones that were purchased years ago. But yes writing a few commands to keep close when playing until you memorize them to use verbally seems like that way to go.
  3. ReeceWon

    Psn Pre-Order

    SE, is now live on PS store for 69.99. Says expected playable date is 07.07.2020
  4. ReeceWon

    Psn Pre-Order

    Just received this email.
  5. ReeceWon

    New Williams livery F1 2020

    My favorite was the old Martini Racing Logo, but I’m rather liking this one a bit more. I’m wondering are those little ‘W’s’ at the rear side of the car like the Mercedes paint scheme.
  6. ReeceWon

    (PS4) Always having Poor Starts

    After over 10 complete seasons in game, AI can be totally frustrating. One trick I would say is to use Lean and Manual starts off the line. After which time depending on the track if there’s a long straight or close first corner go to Mix 2 or 3.
  7. ReeceWon

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Waited patiently a few days checking email before jumping in. Can see the forum but no access code as of yet.
  8. Moto GP 2019 currently does this engineering dialogue also for bike set up. I like the idea for F1 maybe as an addition to F1 game set up because I’m more of a fan of the current game cars set up.
  9. ReeceWon

    F1 2019 Engine failure?? Newbie help!

    Running off track Taking too much kerb Bad shifting late shifting Numerous Practice/ Qualifying Laps All while doing Full Race Distance take a toll on the engine. Sounds like those first race issues exacted a toll on the power train. As I’m sure you’ve seen each component has a max recommended number of laps known as engine life span. Staying on track smoother shifting, upgrading your reliability and engine components should get you through the season without taking on penalty points swapping out components before their time. I use one or two laps for each practice programme and even one shot qualifying, just to keep engine wear down. Hope that helped a bit
  10. ReeceWon


    On formula1games.com you can sign up for a notification when the pre order is live on PS4 network.
  11. ReeceWon

    What's your favourite F1 Track

    Has to be Circuit of the America, Bahrain then Australia. Mostly high speed tracks with flowing corners where I can hear the engine at its limits.
  12. ReeceWon

    List your 5 most recent enjoyed racing games

    Not a long list for me since I recently retired and am now just getting back into gaming. Gran Turismo - To me a good entry level racing game with many different cars and tracks. Then I wanted something a bit more challenging. F1 2016- Loved the game played it for years found it a bit more challenging than Gran Turismo. Real Racing 3 - Yes RR3, became my favorite most addictive racing game because it was on mobile platform and I could take it anywhere and play anytime. MotoGP 2018 & 2019. - By this time my need to win at anything had consumed me and the more tweaking of setups that was allowed the better. F1 2019 - I approached as a serious racer. I had weaned myself off all assists and would not use flashbacks. By the end of 10 seasons my hair had gone grey, by far the most challenging rewarding and most love and hate game I ever played. Can’t wait for the F1 2020 game to arrive as well as the real season to start.
  13. Hi All, Am I missing something, after completing 10 Seasons does the Career Mode start you completely over. Or did I accidentally delete an entire 10 season run complete Championship? I can find no history of my prior season career on PS4 F1 2019. After 10 seasons it seems the game is starting me off fresh.