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  1. When I first saw the F1 Ferrari Wheel I HAD to have it.  Most of the reviews I saw/ read didn’t go into the drivability detail like I hoped but talked more about the cool looks. 

    300$ later as the wheel sits in the closet boxed waiting for me to list it for sale. 

    Yes the wheel is beautiful and has tons of buttons. Half of which there was no need to program for any F1 game I’ve played. 

    There were just a couple of issues I had with the Ferrari Wheel that I’m sure are subject to the user. 

    When turning I found my thumbs inadvertently will change the settings on the left and right spindle knobs. I deprogrammed the knobs only to have the exposed spindles to now catch and slowly tear away at my gloves. 

    Again, this is user subjective but the weight and balance of the wheel for me just wasn’t cutting it. I’ve come to now know the lighter the wheel the better pinpoint accuracy for me. Or using devils advocate, the ergonomics of the custom carbon fiber wheel just feels so much better even with less buttons. 

    So in closing I went back to my carbon fiber T300 ( picture below ) it feels better in the hand is less busy, only using the buttons I need means less fumbling and remembering buttons ( even with muscle memory ) while concentrating more on the races.93F0FEA0-4708-4074-9C05-AF0225C9ABFC.thumb.jpeg.a6aa79524688297d45cfc045e4de4b44.jpeg44B22757-FB39-4B51-BD27-EC7061E49B8D.thumb.jpeg.29aedf78af6a651424f47a3e4ded6a45.jpeg

  2. Are there certain criteria to receive a League Medal?

    I’m Admin of a private invite only league, we ran 10 races we had great attendance for all the races. 
    The league ran its course we received the email last week to confirm the results. 
    They were confirmed but the winning driver has yet to receive their medal. 

    Am I missing something?

  3. That’s funny, we have a driver in the league  who’s car will disappear from 3rd to 1st to 4th to 1st in the blink of an eye. 

    It’s really annoying to all the others drivers around him. 

    It only happens to him and all others players can see and have noticed this. He says it’s his connection but it has never kicked him from the game. The drivers are from all over the world, this particular driver is front the UK like most of the team. Even the players in the States on the team don’t have this issue. 

    Is this really an Internet connection issue or maybe some new form of cheat?

    The platform is PS4


  4. On 8/30/2020 at 3:30 PM, defcon120 said:

    I'd like your opinion on turn 8 through 12 on Azerbaijan, I can keep up with my controller ghost up to these turns with the wheel, then I'm 2-3 seconds behind and can't recover it. Seems that the controller is much faster than the wheel in those particular back to back s curves. It would defy physics to turn the wheel as fast as I can flick the controller. Something else I noticed is that to maintain tracton with the wheel setup I had to go + 20 with the throttle leniarity, the controller seems to have more traction control. 

    On the controller at Silverstone I can put in a fairly good lap. But on the wheel even with a downshift through maggotts and becketts at Silverstone I’m sure to qualify 1st and win the race using the wheel. 

    Same with Baku, on the wheel I am able surgically get super close to the walls and use more kerbs. As far as turning the wheel as fast as a flick of the controller, it tells me it’s all about set up of the wheel and setting up your corner entry. I don’t think I’ve ever turned my wheel anywhere near 180 degrees. Seems our setups are totally different for Baku. I run a very stiff setup that allows me to pretty much snap steer around most of the turns. 

    Before I got my wheel I dreaded Monaco Japan and Baku now I welcome and set them in every Ranked and League Race I host. 


  5. I’ll do Qualy lap (1) lap and maybe Race Pace (3) laps to see where I fall. 
    Other than that racing in Leagues and Ranked I guess are my practice for career races. Granted I probably play 5-6 hours a day.



  6. I concur, I consider and pride myself on being a clean racer and will put up the cleanest fight during a pass. I have had people come off the racing line just to punt me off and of course the weavers who weave constantly from one side of the track to the next to block a pass. 

    As it’s been mentioned I now stay away from Unranked, and try to keep my rating high enough to get matched with like minded racers. 

    I feel your frustration and constantly wonder why people ram in F1 when there are other games that are more suited to crashing. The game is 60 bucks I will be ever understand why one would pay such a a hefty price to not play the game as intended. 


  7. 1. Black screen after race introduction. 
    1a. Black screen before race start as cars are on the grid. 
    Both so long have to restart the game/ and or lasting on average 30-32 seconds. 

    If there was a loading icon or prompt, it wouldn’t be as bad, but sitting there wondering if the game is going to start is or do I have to manually restart it really is a pain after having paid 59$ for the download  

    2. PS4
    3. Version 1.06
    4. Career and My Team modes. 
    5. Replication numbers, seems during every race. 
    6. No amount of controller button pressing helps. Have to restart at times using PS button. Other times after 30 seconds game will load to next screen. 
    7. Game pad Dual Shock Controller. 
    8. Time stamp 1:50



  8. I personally think it also comes down to how often you use the commands and how long you’ve had the game.  I’ve been playing F1 2019 since December and it being one of the few games I play I guess I’ve pretty much memorized how many screens over and how many lines down a particular command is. 

    I’ve  gone through so many gaming headphones with mics over the years I’ve found that cellular headphones with mic work just as well when verbally doing commands. I have a drawer full of mobile phone headphones that were never used with phones that were purchased years ago. 

    But yes writing a few commands to keep close when playing until you memorize them to use verbally seems like that way to go. 






  9. On 6/16/2020 at 10:27 AM, lachlachtotlach said:

    When will it be possible to pre-order the Schumacher Edition at the Psn Store? We're getting close to the release and still no information about it. 

    SE, is now live on PS store for 69.99. Says expected playable date is 07.07.2020

  10. Running off track

    Taking too much kerb

    Bad shifting late shifting

    Numerous Practice/ Qualifying Laps

    All while doing Full Race Distance take a toll on the engine.  Sounds like those first race issues exacted a toll on the power train. As I’m sure you’ve seen each component has a max recommended number of laps known as engine life span.

    Staying on track smoother shifting, upgrading your reliability and engine components should get you through the season without taking on penalty points swapping out components before their time. 

    I use one or two laps for each practice programme and even one shot qualifying, just to keep engine wear down.

    Hope that helped a bit  





  11. Not a long list for me since I recently retired and am now just getting back into gaming. 

    Gran Turismo - To me a good entry level racing game with many different cars and tracks. Then I wanted something a bit more challenging.

    F1 2016- Loved the game played it for years found it a bit more challenging than Gran Turismo. 

    Real Racing 3 - Yes RR3, became my favorite most addictive racing game because it was on mobile platform and I could take it anywhere and play anytime. 

    MotoGP 2018 & 2019. - By this time my need to win at anything had consumed me and the more tweaking of setups that was allowed the better. 

    F1 2019 - I approached as a serious racer.  I had weaned myself off all assists and would not use flashbacks. 
    By the end of 10 seasons my hair had gone grey, by far the most challenging rewarding and most love and hate game I ever played. 

    Can’t wait for the F1 2020 game to arrive as well as the real season to start. 

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  12. Hi All,

    Am I missing something, after completing 10 Seasons does the Career Mode start you completely over. 

    Or did I accidentally delete an entire 10 season run complete Championship? I can find no history  of my prior season career on PS4 F1 2019. 

    After 10 seasons it seems the game is starting me off fresh.