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  1. Thought they would have known or been on top of it. I cant even get into a lobby with a simple custom livery or camera view mod.
  2. Yeah unfortunately there’s a new cheat out, using 2 keystrokes and your from last to P1. Starting to see a lot of post here where some are thinking it’s a bug. Not accusing the guy but just saying.
  3. Does this happen in the same lobby with the same group of people? Does it happen when you play career? Unfortunately there is a cheap with two simple keystrokes will out the user in 1st place. Since you now have footage I’d check the Bug Report section of this forum for a Fox if it’s not listed then I’d create a bug report if you haven’t already. The only fix I can think of is to verify the integrity of your F1 game file for starters.
  4. Translated Via Google Translate "Overnight I can no longer play f1 2021 with my steering wheel. From qie I launch the flash image. As if the steering wheel is not recognized, despite the last maj. I'm in fantec sux xbox and I saw the same thing with logitec or thrusmaster. I called xbox who told me to contact codemaster" La première chose que je ferais est de redémarrer le système et de mettre à jour les pilotes / firmware. Je suis sûr que vous avez essayé de commencer par brancher et débrancher. C’est tout ce que j’ai, j’espère que Fanatec aura bientôt un correctif. The first thing
  5. Definitely noticing you can carry greater speeds through S's!
  6. I race under the moniker SixxeGunner so 6 on every car if its taken then I use 66 if that's taken I use 006>600>606>666 if all else fails.
  7. RhysWon1

    Go Go Go

    Seems the developers of Crew Chief are fans of Murray Walker because its shouted before most races, even on other titles like Assetto Corsa Competizione.
  8. So what you’re saying is I’m not actually a 3 Time World Champion F1 Driver for Aston Martin Racing who resides on Monaco dating a different supermodel every week?
  9. Has the patch slowed down anyone else game to a screeching halt. The sound and graphics are super slow now.
  10. Agreed, I want to race with/ against my fav' drivers. Thus far Kimi Fernando Hamilton Vettel are all retired, and I have no desire to race with or against Yuki Gasly and Norris.
  11. It should be in your nvidia control panel.
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