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  1. Damage out of blue on "no service" stages after game restart I found hard to notice, but a very annoying bug. I reproduced it during a rally career mode. Note: Sorry for VR screenshots, but it is not VR related bug 1. You need to complete a clean service stage, no damage at the beginning and end No damage at the end: Car is a brand new: No windshield damage (it is important): 2. Start the next "no service" stage: Car is still "new" and no windshield damage: 3. Start driving the stage (it is important) and exit the game completely. Not restart the stage, but exit the game fully to desktop 4. Start the game again and come back to this stage 5. The windshield will be smashed and the car will have some initial damage: Cracked windshield: Some damage on the hood, headlight deformed but not broken: Windshield: It is not reproducible vice versa: if you complete "no service" with no damage, the next service stage at the beginning will always have a brand new car. Also if you already had damage but did not take any new damage during the service stage - have no idea, but it looks like no new damage will appear. Also did not notice it on winter tracks, but in other cases, it is like 90% chances of appearing. Also probably, but not sure, you need to take some little damage in the "no service" area before quit to increase chances. But even if you touched something with your bumper and cracked it, after game restart you will get windshield crack, even if you did not crack it! It is always the same windshield crack, this is how I noticed it initially. It looks like the game "normalize" damage even despite you completely quit the game and adding light damage to body and windshield, even if you did not damage windshield at all. Steam i7-5960X 3.00GHz, GTX 1080, 32gb, SSD, Windows 10 VR, Oculus Logitech G920