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  1. Nocturnal_Heart

    Incorrect distance driven being showed

    Well, good for you Mark! The issue with the stats not appearing correctly does not happen to everyone. But many other players than me are experiencing it.
  2. Nocturnal_Heart

    Incorrect distance driven being showed

    Glad to hear. Good job 👍
  3. Nocturnal_Heart

    Incorrect distance driven being showed

    Is there anyone here who have gotten the achievement "Around the globe"? If yes, can you share a screenshot of your statistics here?
  4. Nocturnal_Heart

    [GRID 2019] Reaching Level 100 Mileage Wipe

    It looks like you are experiencing the same issue as i am. I posted a topic today called "Incorrect distance driven being showed"
  5. Nocturnal_Heart

    Incorrect distance driven being showed

    Are you telling me that i might mistakingly think i have driven more than what i have? Can you see on the screenshot i posted that there is a red G next to my name and in-game money? That means my driver level is maximum. I have levelled up from rank 1 four times! The first 99 levels, then 99 bronze levels, 99 silver levels and the rest 99 gold levels. If this is not to be fixed it means that many players have wasted MANY hours of their time that they won't get back - That is a big problem that won't do the popularity of your game any better.
  6. Hello Codemasters. Many people talk about how they don't want to spend all those many hours it requires to reach 40.075 km driven in GRID so they can get the last achievement Around the globe. My problem is that i have driven way more km in this game than many other players. Have done several thousand laps on the oval tracks. My driver level has reached the highest it can and when i look under statistics it says i have ONLY driven 6.588 km! I know i have driven MUCH more than 6.588 km since this game was released. Have played it since release date. Hope you can fix this ruining bug...