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  1. Watch the race happen live from Mixer! Commentary brought to you by: Twitch On1XP https://mixer.com/RaceSpecF1Esports
  2. Watch the race happen live from Twitch! Commentary brought to you by: MasterMike04 https://www.twitch.tv/racespecf1esports/
  3. Hi jcurd123, would you like to do commentating for our league called Race Spec F1 Esports? We have about 400 people spread over PS4, Xbox One and PC, please let me know. Im the Head of Broadcasts Xbox Division. I will help you get set up for your first stream if you agree with this request.


    - Mike

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    2. MasterMike04


      Hi jcurd123,


      Thanks for your replie, do you have discord? So we can discuss it on there?

      Please let me know.


      - Mike

    3. jcurd123


      Yes I do have discord 

    4. MasterMike04


      Please message me in private on the site with your name and #0000


  4. Hi, my name is Mike, better known in the league as Head Of Broadcasts Xbox One Division. We are recruiting commentators for multiple diffrent series spread out over the week, if you have F1 knowledge, a working microphone and own the F1 2019 game + Discord you can send me an message on discord. Please understand that i cannot accept all people but all are welcome to race. (Note: Comment under this topic to be interviewed for your role as commentator.) - MasterMike04
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