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  1. Hi there, I have maybe some kind of problem, or I am missing smthng. I am playing game via PC Xbox game pass, with other games, which I pay by month, and recently I bought the One year pass (S1+2+3+4) for DR2 and downloaded the stuff I can access the cars and tracks in freeplay, but bought cars arent allowed for me to be used in career mode, for which I of course bought it... So am I missing smthng? Its bcs I dont have any version of original game bought and I am playing it via Xbox game pass? I found some same problems on net, also for PS4 problems, but did not found solution for me, just responses from you, crew, so I hope u will help me or let me know what I am missing thx alot!
  2. HoRSiKuBa

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    I will just write here that I do have the same problem, here in Czech... Since yesterday there is no way to play, through server connection issues...