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  1. Evopower2

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    I have read but nothing tells my why it is delayed. I have bought deluxe pack that should include flat out pack.
  2. Evopower2

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Nothing yet. I'll tired of waiting. Will come back tomorrow 25th and look. A day later than announced....
  3. HeY I've done two snow rallies in real life. One with fwd and one with rwd. Both races with narrow 145mm wide ice spiked tyres. And i have spectated norwegian and swedish winter rallies every year for over 15 years now. So yes, i would suspect that i know one or two things about snow graphics in this game. And it has a lot more to work with before its ok. I find myself not play the snow stages at all. Its all "wrong" and that annoys me. That beeing said, Scotland stages looks magical! Seems they did it all textbook with this one. Cant wait to drive it!
  4. Evopower2

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    I'm sittong here at 1 am, one hour into 24.march. and still no flat out pack. Where is it??
  5. I still think that a swden rally stage in dirt 2.0, with or without snow, is too narrow. Many 2 right an lefts. Never 1 km straights and lots of 5 and 6 corners like i know it is in real life. And when you get up to 4 gear, you hitch a snow bank and spins. It is not this narrow over all!
  6. Thats funny, but not all true. The following week it went from zero snow, to enormous amount of snow. It would have been a sweden rally, had it only been run one week later. With that said, it is problaby better to host rally sweden located more north from now on.
  7. Yes, but when i do, nobody will play 🙂 rearly some do play, and those drivers are pretty good. But most of the time, people are not playing the faster tracks. Beeing a scandinavian myself, tarmac is not for me. And living closely to the sweden tracks, i can tell you the roads are way too narrow in dirt 2.0! They are more wide and flowy in real life. Of course with some technical narrow parts, but not all the tine, as it is in 2.0.
  8. Hello I find it difficult to play the tracks i like when all i see in lobby is ribadelles spain and baumholder germany. I like more 5-6 gear tracks and flowing landscape like Poland, Finland and New England. But not many others seems to like this setup. I hate 1 gear tracks like argentina, greece and monaco. But these are also popular in the lobby. Why is this?