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  1. I know it is, I was just worried it would become a "no-characteristic" track, but I'm proven wrong gladly.
  2. Man man man, that Zandvoort circuit looks so great... What an amazing job they have done. You just made a Dutchmen proud!😍
  3. Don't go out and reply disrespectfully mate, there is no need for that. As for short-shifting does not exist? Let me quote: "Short shifting[1] is a driving technique in which the gear is changed up before reaching maximum engine rpm or, more precisely, the acceleration optimized rpm shift-point. By short shifting, the engine does not reach its power band, and therefore maximum vehicle acceleration is not attained for the gear from which the short shift was performed."
  4. Good luck to all of you! May the F1 2020 BE(TA) with you!
  5. Thanks for the tag mate, but I must admit that I'm looking for a high-paced league. Goodluck gathering drivers mate; 🙂
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