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  1. I'm seeing a trend here, all 4 (Assuming Pilskes friend is Dutch) of us are Dutch.
  2. After joining a lobby, after a couple of min it looks like everyone leaves the lobby at the same time, whilst it is my account leaving the session. The same thing happens when rushing into a game, the game will remove me from the race the same way as described above. HABR-PSRA-PKRG-GBJG, Series X, Online Multiplayer, 4 players, Not the host. Restart game, restart xbox, reinstall the game. Can record if needed, It happens automatically.
  3. I do not think we are lacking graphics, as the game surely looks good. They've been going through feedback regarding track adjustments, general gameplay, introducing new game modes, multiplayer experience, engine sounds go on and on... Yes, bugs and glitches will be there, there's where the BETA testers come in and do their job as careful as they can. Progressing the 2020 game, into the what some call a 2020+ game is actually a great thing. Minor and major fixes, the implementation of requested extra modes, refined multiplayer experience. It doesn't have t
  4. They needed to add extra low-speed corners with hard braking, otherwise I believe overtaking was going to be very hard. Curious to see if this enhances the amusement.
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