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    WRC 9

    This is a good title to pick up and play when you just have that need for a quick racing fix. Compared to DR2 the main advantages are that it loads faster, the campaign is more involved with how you go about managing the team and stages and the handling feels good with the weight transfer and grip. On the other hand the arbitrary objectives are sometimes problematic. There's not a lot of them and it just feels like something that should have been further developed. One other problem I have is the widely swinging difficulty. It's good that you can set it before each event, but some events you can easily win, while in others (I'm looking at you, historic races) you really struggle. All in all and like others have said: DR2 is one, WRC9 is another. They can co-exist very well.
  2. I was annoyed by the TAA too and disabled it, but then found the jaggies annoying. I ended up re-enabling it and activating the nVidia sharpening option to compensate for the blurriness which provided acceptable results overall. As you have Radeon you could check your sharpening options available in the drivers. With tweaking you may keep TAA and find a good solution for you.
  3. Thanks for replying. Please do check-out my other thread if you haven't already. I made a new post there as well. As for your reply, I indeed don't like the fact that GRID 2019 is only going to receive small tweaks from here on end, but it's good to know that feedback would at least go towards future titles. I actually bought GRID due to Dirt Rally 1 and 2.0 and even though I did hear about complaints from the community I though Codemasters' reputation was good enough to warrant a buy. I don't regret it, I did get it on discount and I consider the discounted price fair. I think it's a good game though, definitely fun but could have been more. Maybe the budget wasn't there, maybe the team got pulled on other projects, maybe some of the tech used is licensed and is difficult to get support from ...we don't know the business and technical details. We can all hope that for future games some lessons learned with GRID 2019 will be applied. Because video-games do work on feedback and in today's highly connected world companies who listen to feedback and deliver what people want to play remain in business and enjoy good profits. Companies who pull too many subpar efforts in a row though -well they do suffer. With that I do wish you all the best and may the few remaining tweaks for GRID 2019 be able to make a good positive impact. PS: Should there be any "unofficial" tweaks that we players could make in a particular config file for instance to alleviate some of our concerns would you be willing to share? Without warranty or guarantees of success, of course, but just as a simple advice to help us bring out the most in GRID 2019.
  4. @CMTGK Could you please see if for this the team is willing to maybe push the shadow rendering distance at the highest option level a bit? Maybe give us an extra 20% distance (30+ would be great). That should alleviate the problem sufficiently and perhaps wouldn't be too difficult to implement. Thanks. Any reply would be appreciated even if it's just a "No, sorry we cannot do it. Many apologies, we'll make it up to you via the next 3 awesome Grid games that we plan on launching though 2029 with ultra realistic graphics and physics, 50+ cars, 30+ tracks and much much more!" :).
  5. Hi @CMTGK, Thank you for answering and for amending that thread, adding more information. I do believe this community appreciates responses and being kept informed, even if not everything we read is that what we want to read. But such is life. Reading between the lines I understand that in order to have the map assets render well in multiple weather and time of day scenarios they had to go through a process where not quite everything made it out 100% clear, hence some of the less than stellar results for some of the monuments. Okay, but if you can, please do take an honest look at my screenshots and see if at least for the Sagrada Familia and the Venetian Towers monuments (screenshots 3 and 5 from my first post) the team is willing to take another look and make improvements. These monuments suffer the most and they are seen from far away while on the maps. I'm sure improving their quality would go a long way. Same with my other thread about shadow rendering distance and quality for the vehicle shadow. Maybe the team is willing to give us a little bit more. Even a 20% increase in the rendering distance for the mentioned shadows would go a long way. If not, at least please fix the two aforementioned monuments. So in summary while we understand that we shouldn't expect much more in this regard, please see if you can convince the team to at least make these 2-3 tweaks (2 monuments + shadow) that would go a long way. Thanks and regards!
  6. Could we get an acknowledgement of this issue? The screenshots say more than enough and I don't think that anyone who takes an honest look can claim that it's acceptable. This is already known among players but there's still some resistance from Codemasters, hence this topic - https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/47076-addressing-graphicalvisual-discussions/. We have one more DLC incoming, presumably at least one more patch. It's the perfect opportunity to tackle this and show the community that this game is still somewhat cared for and not set to be abandoned very soon.
  7. Hello, There are some issues with both the shadow quality as well as rendering distance from the camera. See the following screenshots, taken at the highest shadow quality level for the PC: In screenshot 1, the car's shadow doesn't have the same quality throughout. Observe that above the red line the shadow is fuzzier and below it clearer. If you pan the camera around you'll see that the shadow quality isn't related to how far the shadow is projected from the car, but rather just how close it is from the camera. Your own car's shadow should always have the highest quality enabled, there's no need for such a performance optimization. In screenshots two and three we can see just how close non baked shadows start to render. The vertical red lines separates the shadow/no shadow areas. Screenshot 4 has one of the most noticeable shadow rendering effects in game when viewed in motion. The whole highlighted area is fully shadowed only from close up. In general full shadow details only come very close to the camera and for the PC at least the users should have the option to both increase the quality (for the car shadow) and render distance of shadows.
  8. I've created a new thread under Technical Assistance for the LOD problem: I believe the screenshots there should be all that's needed to acknowledge this issue, but of course others can come in with their examples. The point is that something needs to be done about this. I also created another thread for the shadow render distance and quality. You guys can feel free to add your own high-res examples there.
  9. Hello, Even on the highest PC settings the track-side objects, especially buildings and monuments are only rendered at the highest level of detail only when very close. For monuments that level doesn't actually show at all and they remain with low details See the attached screenshots. In screenshot 1 the monument and antenna dish aren't rendered at the highest detail level although we're very close to them. Same in screenshot 2, we can see a low polygon count for the building in the background and the statue on the right isn't very detailed either. In screenshot 3 that is the maximum level of detail that the Sagrada Familia cathedral is rendered at. That one can be seen from afar so it's quite jarring. In screenshot 4 we can see the low poly count of the arch. In screenshot 5 the closest elements from the monument are rendered at the lowest settings. The rest don't fare much better, but we can see multiple level of details there; Driving closer to them doesn't change this. In screenshot 6, in Havana, again we see a generally low detail level for the building; In screenshot 7 we see one of the pier buildings in San Francisco. There is a distinct line where the detail level changes. Again we're very close to the building so it should already be fully at the highest detail level. In screenshot 8 there's another pier building and this is worse. The features and textures look poor and visible seams can even be noticed. These are just a few examples. All of the tracks suffer from a poor level of detail and certain monuments are never rendered at a high level of detail. At least for the PC the graphics settings should be changed to allow users to have higher details farther away from the camera. The performance impact should be minimal but the visual one would be significant. There is a way to apparently turn off the LOD completely by setting <lod_quality lodBias="0.0" crowdLodBias="0.00" /> in hardware_settings_config.xml but this doesn't touch the monuments. Also, even though the LODs are apparently fully disabled for most objects the performance impact isn't that big so I'm sure there's plenty middle-ground between what we have now in the game settings and this modification in the xml. All screenshots were taken at a resolution of 1440p with everything maxed out, except AA, on a Win 10 machine with an nVidia 1080Ti. On another note, but perhaps this would require a different thread, at the screenshot edges we also see the chromatic aberration effect which we cannot turn off. In Dirt Rally 2.0 that is possible so we'd like this option here as well as for many it only degrades the visual quality.
  10. Crysis was a special case with the config files. Not only could the DirectX 10 requirement for the highest settings be bypassed, but many options could be customized fixing also some distant LOD settings. Anyway, Crysis still looks good and with both the config files as well as the in-game console the graphics could be tweaked to the user's desire. That is an extreme case, but otherwise the point is that more options increase the lifespan of a game. As a gamer the LOD switching is one of the most noticeable aspects in graphics when not done right. Even in Project Cars 2 there's some small issues and even on highest quality level the AI cars only have full details a few meters away from the camera. The option to customize it beyond an artificial limitation would definitely alleviate such problems and as time passes and hardware improves, would even become something with pretty much 0 performance impact but with a great visual impact.
  11. We wouldn't have to modify such files if we got more options to customize visuals in the game itself and if there weren't such issues with the LODs in the first place. And as far as I could see that modification doesn't break anything it just doesn't fix everything and there is an acceptable performance loss. All of these discussions of which files to modify and how are just a workaround to the fact that the issue isn't being properly addressed officially. Ultimately, that's what we're asking for - that we get an official acknowledgement that the way the monuments look isn't right and that a fix will be implemented. Nobody who takes a good honest look at some of the screenshots already posted in this thread can claim that it looks right or that it's an acceptable concession to performance. At the very least the highest available visual options in the UI should mitigate this. We're not asking that LODs be removed entirely, even for the highest option. But we'd like to be given the choice to improve visuals as much as we can for a performance hit which we can deem acceptable. I think it's a fair request.
  12. -1 doesn't work. I tried it as a way to force a kind of "super LOD" but no dice. Setting it to 0 affects the LOD on the track-side details, buildings and crowds (for the respective crowd setting), but doesn't affect the monuments, nor the draw distance of shadows and ground cover like grass. Also doesn't affect the draw distance of traffic cones on tracks which do pop in visibly. Actually, I think the monuments are just bugged and don't respond to LODs at all. In my picture for instance after the barriers there are at least 3 different LOD settings and aren't related to the distance from the camera at all. The closer walls with towers are worst, the farther main building is better in detail and there's a small portion of stairs to the right of the center colums which has the most detail. For the shadows I tried increasing the size in the same xml, but it doesn't make a difference in any way over max. It doesn't increase the distance, nor the quality. Also for the shadows, I noticed that the quality varies even for your own car. The part closer to the camera is sharper, while the part further away is fuzzier, with no relation to the sun position. Check the picture. The shadow above the red line is fuzzier, though in reality it should be more defined since it's cast from the hood and front of the car which are closer to the ground, that the roof and tail, which cast a clearer shadow below the line. And this is just for your car, which should always be rendered at utmost detail level, according to the locked thread mentioned earlier.
  13. Hi guys, first post here. Just got the game this weekend and while it's definitely fun (yes, I know, we all wanted more) I too noticed the low detail of important buildings in the maps. @CMTGK - I strongly disagree with what's stated in that thread. The objects from the maps that suffer the worst from poor details and textures aren't small assets which can be sacrificed for better performance. They're the monuments which can be seen afar and which pretty much give the map names. Cathedral Run, Venetian Towers, Arc de Triomphe - all suffer from poor details. This is very noticeable and since we're talking about such important landmarks this cannot be ignored. As further proof that something's wrong I modified my - hardware_settings_config.xml file from Documents/My Games/GRID (2019) and changed: <lod_quality lodBias="0.0" crowdLodBias="0.00" /> Setting these to 0 pretty much disables LODs and fixes many issues with LODs already reported here, like the low poly antenna dish or water tower, but doesn't at all touch these monuments. It also doesn't tank performance that much. I would recommend it to anyone who can afford the performance hit. If you need even more proof checkout the screenshot that I just posted from Barcelona - Venetian Towers, taken with everything maxed out + the above modification done. Enlarge it and you can clearly see that they're multiple LODs present there and the end result is bad. The ground, car, crowd and even the red tent and trees details are much higher that the larger buildings. This is clearly an issue and cannot be considered a performance compromise. I sincerely doubt that that monument if properly rendered at detail would affect performance that much. But it would make a big visual impact. So please do contact the Dev team and let them know that they cannot leave these monuments unfixed. Barcelona, Paris, San Francisco - these city maps are the most affected. Kindly have the team investigate. On a more general note I think that for the PC at least these changes would be most needed: - Have an 'Ultra High' setting for the LOD Quality setting so that the hack above isn't needed to get good LODs; - Have 'Ultra High' for shadows make then render further away; - Give us an option to remove the chromatic aberration effect which so far cannot be found anywhere (not even in the .xml) Thanks.