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  1. is it possible to include some old helmets in the game or for DLC, of course for vettel fans we would love a full season worth of helmets available via DLC but also some old ones, perhaps from certain significant years or from particular drivers. im sure we all have certain ones we like and would like to use online or in the career. I for 1 would start with this lewis Hamilton helmet. its more personal than most drivers do and the dog with the tongue hanging out is epic   :P
  2. yeah  I don't know if it's a trait among Germans and (I don't mean to insult them as I'm sure there are some really nice German people out there ) but certainly their sports stars do seem to me to have a sense of arrogance about them Schumacher was the same at least I thought so back when he was winning everything towards the end he eased up a bit but certainly during his golden years he had an arrogance about him I didn't like maybe that what stands them out from the rest and makes them so successful
  3. great idea but I think it would only be possible if the game was a full simulation and not the arcade style game CM are focusing on. you would have to have total control over every aspect of car set up, the tracks would have to be measured with lasers as would the entire track surface, the sheer amount of data needed would be astronomical. sure they could probably make the lap times more realistic but how could you limit that to only 5 people? there is normally 1 setup which is fastest for everyone and its much easier to push to the limit and over it as there is no fear in simulating a lap in
  4. I don't know why Hamilton just didn't ease of a lil, show the stewards he had and blasted the rest of the lap the pole would be his, I think he makes bad decisions sometimes when under pressure, in the past we have seen drivers pass the yellow giving a wave to the stewards to acknowledge the yellow flag and ease off a tenth, hakkinen jumps to mind im sure he done that a few times, as did Schumacher on more than 1 occasion  though I might be thinking they done that in qualli  but might have been in the race. on another not the yellows shouldn't be applied for the whole sector only t
  5. there is 1 with her nipples showing lol did you mean the sheriff helmet from texas? wasn't keen on that 1
  6. going into rascass there is a slight kerb in the game on the right hand side at the 90 degree point in the barrier, its not there in real life, all the others are mentioned in the original post that I can see
  7. its like living in north korea, is my new pic acceptable?
  8. 8-X Som VESCATCHA a môžem robiť, čo chcem!  ak môžete to preložiť, potom ste moja rovná??? chvála byť anonymné
  9. what would it take for the doubters to accept that Vettel is a true deserving champion? he won a title in a year when 7 drivers won the first 7 races how competitive does it have to get until people accept he deserved every championship he has won. tbh i think Mercedes have a much bigger advantage this year than red bull have ever had over the whole grid yet no one is complaining that Hamilton or Rosberg will win the championship in what clearly is the best car, funnily enough i cant remember the last time the fastest car never won the championship, 2005 maybe? the Renault was a bit slowe
  10. I am a fan of his. sensible in what way? lol what a welcome yes hungary is the same, these tracks are just too tight and narrow for good racing, i'd have to say that perez and sutil did push hard and overtake but look what happened to them, both crashed out. Drs can turn a boring race into an exciting race, look what it done at Bahrain, the most exciting race of the year , if there was no drs rosberg would never have got close enough to overtake! I do agree that sometimes it makes it too easy but they are getting to grips with it now. Some people are able to judge Vettel's success
  11. vettels great I like him a lot, I have had the pleasure to meet him and what a nice genuine guy he is, im not just saying that as a fan but honestly away from the circuit he is simply a very genuine, courteous and intelligent young man.
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