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  1. Thx, last hope lies with nucleuscoop, maybe some day...not trying to start a war, but it's a good thing we have these types of options on pc, we can hustle a split screen mode if we have to. Nevertheless it's a embarrassment, shame on you Codemasters, don't advertise if you're not going to deliver.
  2. Ehh... would you be able to provide a link to that announcement ? I can't find it right now. Also hopefully someone from Codemasters can confirm or deny this. Still waiting to hear from Codemasters 😉
  3. Hi Codemasters, since you inform that for more technical assistance i can reach you on this forum i would like to ask when advertised function of split screen is going to be implemented - as stated before game release. At this point i'm seeing this as a technical issue, additionally not being commented on by any of Codemasters employees. There is only one more topic on this forum regarding G2019 splitscreen and the closest we got to a response is some assumptions of moderator which doesn't think that splitscreen is coming. Codemasters - take a stand and answer this question, is there any timeline for introducing split screen ? If not than this would be false advertising - this is "One man's lie" all over again - with that person being the one who talked about this in a interview (It was Christopher Smith, game director , yeah, yeah, i know magnitude is so much smaller 😜 It's only splitscreen 🙂 but that counts fore me and i'm your customer who bought the game as it was advertised that this feature will be present - right now it looks like it's never going to happen). Waiting to hear from you 🙂
  4. voodoo17111

    GRID 2019 - When is Split Screen Coming?

    Hi, i would also like to know when is split screen coming, it is "advertised" as a factor for buying this game so it should be delivered. Hope that more people register and posts a comment like i did, maybe this way we can push the developer to deliver any information as it's been a month and no comments from their side... It's been 6 months and no split screen, say something, current multiplayer is ... lacking in certain aspects, and it's not about the fact that people are not playing it, it's abut that there doesn't seem to be much do there and that makes people leave this title.