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  1. MAH87143

    Wet weather and fuel

    This was an issue in F1 2019 and you still haven’t fixed it in 2020. Wet weather is a natural fuel saving mode, slower, earlier braking, less acceleration. The entire “Fuel Saving” practice program is about coasting into braking zones, getting on the throttle later on exit and short shifting on upshifts. ALL of which are things you do in wet weather driving. Yet, as with 2019, I use twice as much fuel in wet conditions than I do in the dry.
  2. MAH87143

    Pit stop strategy change

    I have seen multiple reports of this issue and it’s something you had right in 2019 but have screwed up in 2020. Jeff says there is a new strategy option and the new option is zero pitstops. This is an issue that should have been caught in playtesting.
  3. MAH87143

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    So I played 5 seasons of a career. In that time I think I maybe saw a half dozen safety cars. For shots and giggles I decided to start a new career. I am now halfway through the 4th race of this new career and there have been 8 safety cars. Exactly 2 per race. On the other hand I have yet to see a VSC. Codemasters went from safety cars being too rare an occurrence to all of a sudden looking like a bloody NASCAR game.
  4. MAH87143

    Tire temps are bs

    So in China I can’t find ANY settings that reduce front tire temps so am losing grip from overheating. Baku I have the complete opposite issue. No matter what I do with settings I lose front grip because I lose too much tire temp. i understand how tire temp works but things such as camber angle, tire pressure, toe angles, suspension stiffness are all going to alter the temps of the tires. In this game they seem to make no difference at all.
  5. A couple of things I would like to see changed for the next iteration of this game relate to telemetry data during practice sessions. There isn’t nearly enough of it. Seeing only your fastest lap for the session is pathetic given the amount of data an F1 team gathers over a race weekend. Why can’t we see a breakdown of every lap we have completed as we do with our fastest lap? Maybe even with data on brake and acceleration throughout the lap. This would be particularly helpful when you have changing weather conditions in a practice session. If it starts dry and goes wet you have no way of knowing how you stack up against anyone else on inters or full wets. Also WHY can’t we still see our fastest speed trap speed in the telemetry data, preferably alongside each lap time. It’s kind of sad that this data isn’t available as it would give lots of data regarding how your set up is. Another change that would be tremendously helpful to the more casual player is a true race engineer. You provide feedback on what the car is doing and the engineer recommends changes to your set up based on that feedback.
  6. *** is a “representative top speed” in a DRS zone at Baku? I took all of my wing out to reduce drag and ran full rich on ERS mode 5. I did 357Km/hr in the main straight DRS zone. Still didn’t trip the objective. Through all of the normal practice sessions I ran top 5 in the speed trap. Had runs into turn 1 and turn 3 alone and with a tow from the car in front. STILL didn’t trip the objective. I know it’s only 10 points but it’s really effing annoying that it is the ONLY item I can’t trip.
  7. Penalties for impeding in quali. The only way it seems the AI drivers get penalties for impeding in quali is if you actually make contact with them, meanwhile there are many times where my lap has been impeded by a slower car on an outlap (I know they are on an outlap because I saw them leave the pits in front of me) costing me upwards of 1/2 a second at times and no penalty is EVER awarded whereas in real quali it would be a clear and obvious penalty.
  8. I don’t know what Codemasters did with the Fuel Management practice program in Career mode but it is severely F’d up. I used to struggle a little bit with this program to make the pace with the fuel in the purple but I could usually at least make green without too huge a headache. Since the last update my target time is suddenly faster than anything I have set in practice up to this point and I struggle to even meet it when I ignore fuel and finish the lap with the bar in the red. This is beyond frustrating because there is no way I can set a lap time going balls to the wall, be at or near the top of the time sheet, and then be expected to BEAT it while saving fuel in a game that has no concept whatsoever about how fuel economy works in F1.
  9. Two issues with Career mode/solo races that Codemasters should look into for F1 2020, if not a patch on 2019. One of the biggest irritants in F1 2019 is the fact that no one seems to understand fuel management when running in the wet. Wet weather running is a natural fuel management mode, you are coasting more, braking earlier, getting on the throttle later, upshifting at lower RPM’s, all of the things the “fuel management” program tells you to do to conserve fuel yet every time I have to race in the rain the car drinks fuel at a ridiculous rate and I find myself needing to run a lean mixture regularly in wet weather compared to dry running. My second major irritant with the game, and the one I run into more frequently than wet weather, is the computer AI for cars moving out of the way whether it is in quali while you are on a hot lap or lapping a car in a race. They have all the time in the world to move over down the straight, or even run wide through a corner giving you some semblance of a racing line, but time and time again the AI is parking the car on the apex of a corner at the last second and getting more in the way than if they just went through the corner and pulled over on the next straight.