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  1. MAH87143

    F2 in the rain is trash

    F2 sucks in general in this game, the cars are next to undriveable without traction control. What’s worse is when it rains. I have higher cornering speeds in the wet than the AI and my corner exit is faster, I’m carrying more speed onto the straight, but then suddenly the AI car takes off like the track is dry and I am helpless. It can’t be just the TC because if I turn it down, to where I have it in F1, I can’t accelerate at more than a quarter throttle in anything lower than third gear meanwhile I’m being driven around on corner exit. Doesn’t matter what I do with setup, just have no grip on corner exit.
  2. MAH87143

    New pit crew in F2

    EVERY F2 pit stop I lose 2-3 SECONDS to other cars despite entering the pits right behind them. This is really annoying because there’s no reason for it except a SLOW crew. It’s bad enough trying to run F2 races with a car that is twitchier than an F1 car under acceleration but losing a ton of time in the pits on every stop just makes it frustrating as hell.
  3. Why is it that throughout practice sessions if I am trying to let a car past as I am on an out lap or in lap I find that I have to come to a complete stop most of the time or they just back off and let me back past? I’m not a programmer but since I don’t remember this being an issue with F1 2019 it seems to me that it should really just be a little tweak of the games AI to stop this from happening.
  4. MAH87143

    Tire temps

    So I get that if you spin up the rear tires the temps increase. That makes sense. In the dry I have found understeer tends to cause the fronts to start overheating as they slide across the track. Also, makes sense. Running Monaco and having to manage tire temps because of my setup in the dry. Starts to rain and the fronts are sliding more and I am LOSING tire temp in the fronts. Rears are done, worn out, but the fronts are cold and brand new. This makes no sense when I am having to manage tire temps in the dry to prevent overheating.
  5. MAH87143

    Cancel Pit

    Especially when Jeff The Idiot radio’s you with a “new strategy” AFTER YOU JUST LEFT THE PITS ON THE TIRES HE WANTS YOU ON! This has been an issue Codemasters has refused to address at all in any of their previous games. You just get stuck with the odd “pit this lap” message.
  6. MAH87143


    He’s annoying at the absolute best of times but when he GIVES YOU THE WRONG INFORMATION he’s downright screen destroying. relayed an message to me the my DRS was stuck open and to pit now. Came into the pits and served a normal tire change pit stop and was released with no repairs done only to discover that it wasn’t stuck open it was stuck closed and I didn’t need to pit.
  7. MAH87143

    Impeding in quali

    PLEASE!!!!!!! Codemasters, please fix this bs in quali. I literally just hit a car coming out of the pits because it was on the racing line for turn 1 while I was on the start of a hot lap at Suzuka. impeding in quali is non-effing-existent in this game.
  8. If Jeff gets really annoying, which he does almost EVERY session, and you tell him to leave you alone HE SHOULD STILL RELAY IMPORTANT MESSAGES LIKE CHANGING PIT STRATEGY! This is especially important when it’s raining so maybe he can suggest a switch to wets instead of inters is a good idea.
  9. MAH87143

    Race Engineer

    Why can’t we make Jeff a useful race engineer? You know, actually doing what a race engineer does over a race weekend, taking information provided by the driver and suggesting setup changes to improve the car? Example, Me: Jeff I have understeer on turn entry. Jeff: okay, let’s try making X change.
  10. MAH87143

    Better race director in quali

    Just as with F1 2019 it appears that the only way for ab AI car to get a penalty in quali is for them to actually hit you. I just love being on a hot lap and watching a car exit the pits in front of me only to find that a few corners down the road I am being severely compromised with a lack of grip due to turbulent air and I have to compromise my whole corner to avoid driving into the back of them and picking up my own 5 place grid penalty while they get nothing. What is most annoying about this is that it always seems to occur on a corner AFTER a long straight when the AI car has had all the time in the world to let me by.
  11. MAH87143

    Wing settings

    The front wing settings seem completely off to me. When I add front wing it seems to induce understeer and when I remove front wing it seems to induce oversteer. This is the exact opposite of the effect I expect to get from this adjustment. All I am changing is front wing, no other settings.
  12. MAH87143

    Quali sim program

    *** is up with the quali sim program? It so far off every practice session as to be laughable. I spend every practice session in the top 10-14 places, sometimes inside the top 10. I run the quali sim and I am 22nd every time because the time it is asking for is 2+ seconds faster than I have run. What makes it worse is that I go into ACTUAL quali and at the very least get into Q2, sometimes Q3. Does your engineer that sets these race times improve with your facilities so he’s more accurate and realistic or is the game just wonky on this particular sim?
  13. MAH87143

    Team “orders”

    Voice commands are still missing a vitally important one. ”Move my teammate over” or some derivation thereof. I am stuck behind my teammate at Monaco on different tire strategy. The smart team play is to let me by but in this game you can’t ask for that and it won’t do it on its own.
  14. MAH87143

    Wet weather and fuel

    This was an issue in F1 2019 and you still haven’t fixed it in 2020. Wet weather is a natural fuel saving mode, slower, earlier braking, less acceleration. The entire “Fuel Saving” practice program is about coasting into braking zones, getting on the throttle later on exit and short shifting on upshifts. ALL of which are things you do in wet weather driving. Yet, as with 2019, I use twice as much fuel in wet conditions than I do in the dry.
  15. MAH87143

    Pit stop strategy change

    I have seen multiple reports of this issue and it’s something you had right in 2019 but have screwed up in 2020. Jeff says there is a new strategy option and the new option is zero pitstops. This is an issue that should have been caught in playtesting.