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    Real season?

    @Ultra3142 precisely. I had the idea that you can take role of any driver on the grid and start the season 2021 from the latest race (latest standings) and make your own championship
  2. MirzaG

    Real season?

    What happend to this game mode? Is it coming in the DLC?
  3. Why is there no option to choose and play career mode with current drivers? Lets say i want to play as Russel and switch in 2022 to Mercedes if they offer me the seat
  4. but why do we even have this option to turn it up to 100 if there is no clear adventage...As i understand every setup option shold have its advantages/disadvantages in given situation- even 100% brake bias towards fron
  5. I have an impression that differential setup massively affects tyre wear in this game. I have never understood settings for diff but it seems that the car is more stable on 50% than on 100% and that i get massive tyre wear from 50% and low from 100%. So why do people choose to go 100% on diff?
  6. Will the game have better graphics when played on PS5? Im planning on upgrading to PS5 so just wanted to know if there will be any difference
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