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  1. Why should anyone buy this knowing CodeMasters' track record of dropping support for all past games whenever they feel like it? Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 have no support anymore, leaderboards, competitive, dailies, etc. How long until this loses support too?
  2. rodikas

    DiRT 4

    Yeah, it's dead. You can't play competitive or even look at leaderboards anymore. This game has no official support and this is what you should expect from future CM games.
  3. rodikas

    DiRT Rally

    Looks like Codemasters is pretending their old games don't even exist, the most they get on their own official forums is a single thread in a "older dirt games" section. I'm really not surprised with their immature and unprofessional attitude. After all, they're even making some stupid gimmicky "fast and furious" game.