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    What Did You All Think About #NotTheAusGP ?

    Thought it was fantastic! The racing was really good fun to watch spent my time hopping between TRL Limitless, Jimmer and Lando. They had one hiccup at the start but tbh think that’s expected with any sort of event really especially seein as lando can’t even update his pc properly haha
  2. Hopefully they never put it in. Amount of times I’ve been smashed off track because someone’s friend was the back marker. Also can’t think of a single other game that lets you queue into a ranked “Free for all” with a friend. Why do you guys think that it would work for this? 🤔
  3. Bendylanes

    Why do so many wheel users....

    Long time lurker, mostly play dirt 2 but gotten into F1 little while ago. Made an account to say can we just get rid of this Alex guy? All he does is post toxic braindead comments and threads bashing people left right and centre. What’s the point having someone like that about? Now the guy is trying to gatekeep how people play a game? *** yo who does that