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  1. CharlyM239

    PC ACRL Saturday 13:15 CEST and 20:00 CEST

    You said Saturday 13:15 CEST and 20:00 CEST. Are those two separate leagues, or are there two races for one league on the same day?
  2. @BarryBL Here's my saved game from a PS4 in case you guys still need it. https://we.tl/t-8RSadd28Gg Bug Report following the template. 1. Excessive amount of wear in the gearbox, making it last at most 3 races until reaching 60% of wear. I have 2 out of the 3 possible upgrades for gearbox reliability, so it should last longer than 3 races. The last race I did, the wear went from 80% to 100% after like 15 laps in Italy (I'm running out of gearboxes for this season, so I'm using old ones). 2. PS4 3. 1.07 4. My Team, full calendar. 50% race, full qualy. Gearbox: manual and suggested gear. 5. I've been seeing this excesive amount of wear throughout this first season that I'm running in My Team, that's why I decided to upgrade the gearbox reliability, but after two upgrades nothing changed. I already raced 15 races, and I only have 1 new gearbox left for the rest of the season. 6. I didn't try any workaround for this just yet. I think I am aggressive when it comes to shifting down, but still with this amount of wear I don't think the problem's just me. 7. I used controller until Azerbaijan in My Team (included). And after that, I used a Logitech G29 wheel. My setup in controller: Brake: L2 DRS: triangle Clutch/pit limiter: triangle Gear up: cross Gear down: square For wheel the setup is more or less the default one. 8. Don't have any but my saved game. But I could make a video if you need me to.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a league on PS4 that races once during the week (Monday to Friday), and between 17:30 - 21:00 EST (GMT -4). Assists: basics My AI Level: 103
  4. I completely agree with iosis here. It was a huge dissapointment when I saw that I was not able to compete with a friend. Sure you can boost each other to get better rankings, but I, as well as most of the people commenting on this post, don't care about it. It's great to compete, and if you can have fun with a friend while doing so, it's so much berter. Maybe CM could adopt a certain policy like put the pair of players playing together in a room based on the rank of the player that has lower ranks (safety rank mainly). That way, players with S safety rank won't have to deal with a D-ranked player, and it wouldn't break the game.
  5. Hi all, I'm playing races 50% long with full qualy. By default for Q1 I get to use 3 sets of S and 1 set of M. A 4th set of S will be available once I reach Q3. However, I should be able to use all these compounds in the race, right? (Or that's what I thought). So now I'm in Q1, and I use the first set of Softs. I make it to Q2. In Q2, I use a second set of Softs and I make it to Q3. Now I'll be starting the race with these compounds. In Q3, I use the third set of softs. In total I used 3 set of Softs out of 4. I left one compound to go for a 2 stops-strategy. So when I jump into the race, and try to go for a S-S-M strategy, I expect to have a new set of S after the first pit-stop. However, I can only choose between the used set of softs. Why's this happening? Do I have to return some sets of tyres after the qualy? If that's the case, can't I return one of the worn tyres and keep the new set of S for the race?