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  1. On 3/10/2020 at 4:44 PM, Mike Dee said:

    I mean, what "support" do you expect for DR1 at this point or even D4? You won't be getting updates to those games, the final chapter closed on them a long time ago and the resources will be focused on future content or supporting the current title.

    Nobody expects updates to old games, they just expect large sections of them to remain working. It took about two decades for many, much older games, to lose their master servers... and a single MS address is usually easy enough for the community to replace themselves (e.g. BF1942, RvS). And many of those older games still have their old official master server running. None of this always-online and/or DRM nonsense with the servers being shut down in a couple years when the developers churn out their sloppy sequels with money-grubbing DLC galore.

    If you're going to make a game and run your own servers for large sections of the games to work, you should at least keep them working while people still play your games instead of pulling support in hopes that they put up with your bullspit and buy your DLC-riddled console kid game for immature fanboys who always get triggered like a little spoiled brat being denied candy at the checkout counter when someone brings up valid criticism.


    11 hours ago, DozUK said:

    It's a good job you wasn't a gamer in the 80's and 90's. A game came out and that was it. You'd have hated it mate

    It's a "good job you wasn't" an English professor.

    Games released in the 80's and 90's aren't missing large sections of them, broken by always-online idiocy losing support or servers required to access certain features being shut down. I'm really not surprised the CM community is a bunch of blind immature zealot fanboys. For someone pretending to have played games back then, you sure have a lot of growing up to do yet.


    9 hours ago, ianism said:

    I mean, it was like that all the way up until the mid-00s with the release of PS3 and Xbox360.

    and yeah, it's still possible to get online matches in Dirt 3, and not just on Steam. and that's a 10 year old game.

    Yeah, it's crazy how many much older games have less missing features compared to games released just a couple years ago... and the corporate fanboys and their programmed groupthink always come like clockwork to white knight a company that doesn't even care about them. The only reason that D3 still has support is because the dumbasses at Ch0deM4sters didn't run their own servers for large sections of the game to keep working.

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