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  1. GraniteRock

    GRID on Stadia - Feedback Thread for Stadia Players

    After a few weekends of no issues, we had a lot of issues with our 40 car races with the server freezing out at the ends of races. I'm not sure if it helps with debugging but it seems when it would freeze the race would split into 3 instances on the multiplayer search (image included).
  2. I just played for an hour with one of those online stream 40 racer events and had lots of fun. The only thing I didn't like was losing $3500. Sure I hit alot of walls and I'm still learning. It's definitely a disincentive to play multiplayer when I lose $100-500 a race. Certainly there needs to be balance. But we don't need to kick those on the lower end of the leaderboard either.
  3. GraniteRock

    GRID on Stadia - Feedback Thread for Stadia Players

    Hi, I joined a live stream gamer for a 40 racer event. We all ran into some problems with difficulties with the multiplayer races freezing post race or glitching or kicking people out as races started. Here's a video (in 2 parts... thanks Stadia 30 second limits) of one of the times I couldn't get into the race. I ended up completely glitching out with a bizarre backwards 35 graphical glitch. Other players reported being in at least two separate races with a mix of players and AI. At least one other racer had a screen shot of the exact glitch I got. The entire live stream from Cloud Gaming X perspective Fast forward to 42:30 (Although a few races before this had issues too) https://youtu.be/qdJhphI1reQ (He doesn't allow embedding). My perspective of the glitch (Playlist of 2 videos):