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  1. lease excuse me for any inappropriate expressions, as my English is very poor. In my opinion, various topics include bug issues, requests for improvement, and new ideas. I think the codemaster needs to summarize their opinions and post a list of future improvements and considerations. In the current state, there is no information on the user side, and it is unclear whether the request has reached the developer, so similar writing is increasing. There is no point in having a forum that only writes complaints and requests on the one hand. It is not constructive to repeat the same for years, What do you think?
  2. badbrains7

    What Did You All Think About #NotTheAusGP ?

    Maybe Team Redline Pro Fun Cup
  3. badbrains7

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    If really equal, why isn't PAD allowed in esports? Pads are allowed and treated equally in STREET FIGHTER V e-SPORTS
  4. badbrains7

    What Did You All Think About #NotTheAusGP ?

    It was a fantastic event!but,I felt I needed a real sim game. The Race All-Star esports Battle using rFactor 2 has many professional drivers. The reason is obvious. Will the F1 game that the code master is aiming for continue to be an arcade game?