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  1. 2 hours ago, moole1337 said:

    hey giuseppeb,

    in the header you have this field:

     uint8     m_playerCarIndex;

    Use it for finding your car.

    If your programming language starts indexing with 1, e.g. lua (and not 0 as most languages) you will have to add 1 to it first. 

    Thanks but i have always a fixed number 19 . My question is for example in telemetry i receive all cars information, is itpossible to filter only for my car ? (player on xbox for exmple) , and like this for motion or event ?


  2. Soory everyone but i have a dummy question.

    i'm trying to use telemetry in Cloud Env. (AWS). everything arrives with all the data but How can i use  data from my vehicle and not for other ?

    in other word is there a why to filter telemetry or motion or car setup data in order to have a console with my driver?


    thanks a lot