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  1. I like your propositions for new rally locations and new cars but stop complaining about the rallycross. Rallycross is in the game since DR1, they announced a full championship in rallycross so you can't complain about rallycross because you already knew that they will add the last tracks and cars. :)
  2. If I would pose a new Idea I would have a form of Light Custom Character such as 3 body shapes for 2 genders so (Default male/female, Powerful male/female, lithe male/female, obese male/female) for example. then maybe some hair that comes under the helmet or not and then the color of the glow or effect they have, maybe even the focus of power in the beginning such as toward demonic (fire) mystical (water) combat (browns) thief (greens) so that the overlord themselves has a connection with the minions they have focused toward if they want more power toward one then the others. or generalist. ma
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