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  1. Hello I'm a PS4 Dirt Rally player. I was trying to create a new session for my league in https://www.dirtgame.com/us/leagues/manage-league-season. After filling up the all the required fields in the form and clicking the "Finished" button, the error pops out as here. I've selected the track & condition for every single stage but it seems like some bug for not recording my selection. Could someone help me on that pls? Appreciated!
  2. UglyDressedGuy

    F1 2016 with only Career Mode

    Hello wolf0704, I don't have a solution yet. It's still broken and I'm waiting for the response from codemaster.
  3. UglyDressedGuy

    F1 2016 with only Career Mode

    Hello I bought F1 2016 and Career Booster Add-on on my PS4 but when I downloaded and opened the game it only came with Career Mode. The other issue is that trophies wouldn't pop up. I tried to delete and re-download but the problem still existed. As you can see, there's only "CAREER" in the main menu and I couldn't slide left and right here. I checked the version and it says 1.08 which is the latest. However, weirdly, in this page, it says the version is "1.8.0" on the bottom left corner. Does this happen to anyone else? I'm hoping to solve this problem and enjoy the game. Appreciated!