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  1. Lazy is a harsh word and a bit unfair, our level designers worked flat out to get you all those locations, the majority of which we were told we "had to have them". I don't think we've ever unfairly promoted the game for having more content than it does. We've always said 22 locations with over 100 routes. Then when we revealed the full track list we detailed those routes, reversed included. It's an interesting discussion though so will be watching this thread to see how it pans out. Whiners gonna whine. I don't get the big deal about 'reverse tracks being bad'. They're an interesting tak
  2. You are either a mature chap like me or just different than your standard "want it now" generation. Either way I totally agree. The whole point of the multiplayer set up us to provide a sense of progression and personally I'm loving it :) The rammers are also learning that they can't gimp people like on Grid 2. Thoroughly enjoying the multiplayer. Gonna always have something to spend my cash on. I'll admit I had been worried about the collisions but ... they're very forgiving for the sorts of bumps/knocks that are commonplace amongst competitive drivers. Gonna hope the online lasts. Is he
  3. The SLS black is in the game somewhere in the Street class. I think in Grand Tourers or something. I don't know which online sponsors are for the Black Edition either but I did work out that the extra liveries are 20 of the liveries from Grid 1 (including my favourite! <3). ... It's also a lot easier to get money than I expected it to be. Got $150,000 in-game already from just doing touring races. Close to buying my first touring car (honda civic)!. And then I'll get the Presteza-14 because that thing's sweet. :)
  4. I've done like 15 races online and so far I've only come across one person deliberately being a tool. And he didn't last very long since everyone votekicked him. Still, I'm pleased with how forgiving the collisions online are on GAS. All the races I've had have been very close-fought with several side-by-side corner antics. Also, those Cat A touring cars are incredible fun to drive. :D
  5. My code for the Black Edition did not work at all. I redeemed it through the Xbox site (as I do every redeem code I get), and I can't find a single trace of it on my xbox so I can't redownload it, and when I try to redeem the code it says it's already been used. I correct myself. I found where the 'download history' is and it showed up there. Redownloaded, and now the liveries and extra car show up. Sorry for the momentary rant.
  6. I saw an option in the settings for an AI audio setting, can't remember which menu it's in but it can be changed from high to medium, low, etc. might solve the problem for you.
  7. just to let everyone know, European unlock seems to be live. GAS is now unlocing/updating for me. Get going everyone!
  8. Those screens are huge! Would be the perfect setup for me if I had the space for something like that!
  9. Are you able to update the drivers at all? Looking at the 'minimum settings' on Steam your computer's vastly better than the bare-minimum requirements, so what it's likely to be is either a driver issue or a texture-loading issue. If you are able to update the drivers, try that. If not, give your hard disk a good defrag. That's all I can suggest besides 'get a new computer'. heh.
  10. I asked this earlier in the thread and I got ignored. I'd like to know too.
  11. I found the AI to be a bit too easy on Hard. First race I did (Touring Cars) I qualified over a second faster than McKane. ... Problem is, on Very Hard Ravenwest are half a second a lap faster than me. Then again, that's a good thing. The fact the AI are solid on the higher difficulties is a good thing. I shouldn't be thrashing them in a stock Cruze. I might have to put the AI on Hard for endurance and tuner because they handed my ass to me in Tuner (I came 16th in a drift event haha, and 4th in a time attack after thrashing a nissan silvia around sepang. (top 4 separated by 0.3s) But yeah. Th
  12. at the moment everything seems positive but because only the US guys have access to it for now it's still early days. We have to wait until after the game has gone worldwide  before we can fully judge whether it's a success or failure. I'm leaning towards success at the moment but as I said it's still early days. Agreed, best wait until worldwide pings and UK (for eg) super-slow broadband takes effect... i'm astonished at the fibre down/up speeds the majority of games players in the US seem to have as an affordable standard.  But yes, sounds very positive so far if it hold
  13. I have time on my hands to point out unethical business practices and to let the producer know, that I don't buy for particular reasons. That is proper feedback without which they could not improve. Given I have not much hope and thus the tone of my comment. But...emphasis on 'not much'-there is still a tiny little glimmer. Oh and you Sir are a troll for stating what you did. Cool story, bro. Back to pCars with you, then.
  14. That's gotta be the most hardcore setup I've ever seen. Wish I had the space for that! (and the eyesight, I'd need at least 32" screens for that setup because my eyesight's so sucky.)
  15. I always played on Extreme or Ninja so the only rubberbanding I saw was their "105% mode" when they were behind me, which I haven't really seen on GAS because I've started on pole and in 16th and the AI accelerated off the line the same way every time. ... Those Cusco BMWs are really slow, too!
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