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  1. Thank you for your investigation. My settings on G29 had reset back to default, steering sensitivity is unable to adjust (masked out). Force feedback is there, but feels less responsive. I m on PS4 platform. Looking forward to set back the clock to pre 1.17. Thanks.
  2. All my settings on G29 had been erased, backed to default after the last update. Mine is G29 + PS4. I tried to set it back but it just feels different, less responsive. By the way, the steering sensitivity had been masked out, unable to adjust.
  3. Mine problem looks exactly like yours, even the disc looks the same. You end up with any solutions? Thanks.
  4. my disc says ALL REGION and still not work.
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to Dirt rally 2.0. Had lots of fun with the Day 1 Edition, so decided to purchase the Year one all season pass. First of all, my account is in Hong Kong and I am residing in Hong Kong. I downloaded it via PS Store Hong Kong. Successfully downloaded, tried all you mentioned above, e.g. deactivate and reactivate PS primary account, restore licenses.. NO LUCK. Still having the same contents from my Day 1 Edition Disc, no extra rallies, circuits or cars! except the extra credit and top right corner showing "D+season4". I enclosed some pictures here for re
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