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  1. Stussyspen

    R&D points

    Anyone experiencing the same issue? Although playing and winning the same amount of races (despited the game being infested with pathetic cheaters) it makes ages i hardly win any R&D points allowing me upgrade my parts..i get 100 here and there when usually i used to have 9k-10k for the same period of time
  2. Stussyspen

    Match on PI not Trophies!

    True BUT the game is infested with dirty drivers and pure cheaters which Codemasters clearly favour letting them smash your car and win without damages. This game needs real damages on the car when you hit someone..until then, the game is unplayable or not worth spending efforts besides being rigged i think
  3. Stussyspen

    Bad drivers

    This game is an absolute joke! 80% Of the players if not more are cheating..pushing you out of the race to win..it is not a stock car game! How can a developer can be stupid enough to favour these useless cheaters and expect anyone spending money on the game?? It is unplayable, no point racing when pretty much all races you face lunatic cheaters or even AI cars pushing you! The least you would expect from the developer (who does nothing to prevent this) is to have realistic damages when you hit a car... the day Codemaster does it then it will be interesting, right now its overpacked with cretins ruining the game
  4. Hi, apologies for all players i played against. i am Stussspen, i encounter absolute nightmare: my car in a race, for no reasons, typically when slowing in a tight curve, slows, then goes go neutral then reverse! I lost 100s of points while leading the race. The speed is set to automatic and the game has become unplayable. Anyone had this issue?