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  1. thanks @CMTGK I look forward to being able to race again!
  2. I have experienced the same keyboard input issue as @gekkoX and have replied with a detailed account in the thread/topic he created:
  3. thank you @gekkoX for making a detailed report of this. I'm experiencing the same issue but couldn't find any other reports until I found this forum post, and thought I was going crazy. To reiterate the issue as I've experienced it: When driving in a race, individual inputs will sporadically stop responding. This happens most often with direction keys (left/right), though I've also experienced it once with the brake. In my case I found that if I immediately pause, access key mappings, reassign the unresponsive input, then resume, the input will work again. But, aside from it being very difficult to immediately pause and resume without losing considerable time, if the issue happens again in the same session (without restarting the game), if I attempt to remap the failing input back to the original key it still will not work. If I choose a new unique key to map to it will work again. Meaning that whatever failure is occurring is being "remembered" and applied to multiple keys. As @gekkoX indicated, you can tell that when the input failure occurs that the game is still registering the input. When the brake input failed, when I pressed the brake key the car's brake lights would briefly flash, but the car would not slow down. When this occurred for the second time when racing last night, I just rage quit the game. At this point I'd like to continue playing but I'm not sure it's worth it. Environmental details: I started playing Grid on Stadia in a Chrome browser 2 days ago . I'm playing on a 2018 MacBook Pro laptop, and have experienced this with an external wireless keyboard as well as the laptop's keyboard. I'm playing in an Incognito browser and have ensured that no plugins are running, and I'm not using a VPN or proxy. While I have experienced some stuttering and glitches, this issue doesn't seem to occur at the same time as what appears to be network glitches. I have not established a pattern or been able to predict when this keyboard issue will occur - it seems to pop up randomly. It started occurring as soon as I began playing the game, but sometimes I can play for a few races before it occurs, and sometimes it occurs multiple times in the same race. I have experienced network glitches in other games on Stadia, but nothing like this keyboard input issue. Please let me know if I can provide more help debugging this.