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  1. So after a few weeks hiatus I went to play Dirt Rally 2.0 again, and found that there was a 19GB update to download. I thought that was kind of weird, since the Colin McRae update was supposed to be the last content for the game. Whatever, I waited for the update to finish so I could get playing. Except that now, VR is totalled F'ed after the update. Steam VR is totally unuseable, it will completely freeze visually for a good 5-10 seconds while audio continues to play, before I get about 2 seconds of normal framerate and then it freezes for another 5-10 seconds. Also if I look away even s
  2. This might be fine for recording, but it's not really good enough for spectating. It really needs to be full screen, and that can't happen with Oculus mirror because the game window needs to be focused for input to work. It should be a tiny fix for Codemasters to rectify this - the Oculus store version of the game already does it. Probably wishful thinking now that the final DLC is out though. I expect they'll drop the game like a bag of rocks.
  3. +1 from me too, for those of us using simrigs with a single TV/monitor the Oculus mirror workaround isn't viable. I'd like to run friendly VR competitions with people from my car club, but it wouldn't be very interesting if we can't spectate the driver properly. This seems like the kind of thing that would be very easy for codies to change, given that the Oculus version already does it and you can run the Steam version in Oculus SDK mode anyway.
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