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  1. so happy birthday ! last information : received twice now...
  2. good for me ! thanks a lot for your time! have rest! See you next week lol ;-)
  3. Hello, Same for me: NgalsOne The result of last week is in fact the one for this week so I can not send a capture Thx
  4. Thanks a lot Barry!
  5. Hello, I started playing F1 2019 since one month and for 2 weeks I begin Grand Prix Weekly Online. I do all tests ask by team to have competitions points during free tests. I did them during free 1 and 2 and have all points but a the and of the free test 3 I every time lost the point of test of rapidity (I do not have the game in english sorry for the traduction). Is it normal or do we have to do some test on free 3? Thanks by advance! I do not find anything in the forum yet
  6. Hello, The same for me: NgalsOne. THX by advance!
  7. ngalsone

    Hardware dashboard - SimHub

    Hello, How did you input the information on the phone? Tanks by advance