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  1. I think it's a Microsoft issue. I downloaded the game through XBOX Game Pass, then bought it through there, then bought the pass through the Microsoft Store. That might have something to do with it. Again, the Steam version has worked flawlessly since I bought it. Good luck getting help from the historically awful Microsoft tech support though.
  2. *Can't buy 4wd up to 2000cc cars, so can't do daily/weekly challenges that use them *Same Situation with kit cars *Can compete in challenges on DLC locations, but can't use those same locations in career mode There's a weekly challenge in Spain I can't do because I can't buy a 4wd <2000cc car. This happens a lot. I bought the Steam version a few months ago due to this (Steam version works perfectly). I downloaded the windows version yesterday to see if anything got fixed and it's the same steaming pile it was before.
  3. I want to see Racenet developed further and implement the CREST system from the original DiRT Rally. Also some kind of persistent stat tracking (which CREST also had), like average finish percentile in dailies just to give a bit more meaning to the multiplayer. As it is now you just do dailies and then new ones pop up the next day. Nothing wrong with that, but it would be nice to have stats saved somehow.
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