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  1. Hi Barry, just in regards to the "Performance update", is this a performance update in the stability and optimisation of the game or a performance update of only the cars?
  2. Rwaggy

    Tired of F1 games online bugs

    @BarryBL I want to feedback in as constructive and helpful way possible about the current state of the game and things I think are necessities rather than quality of life updates. Business Critical Issues - Game stability: This is by far the most important one as demonstrated yesterday in F1 virtual race. The game fails far too often and has so many issues with keeping itself going that we've had to create our own "workarounds" to sustain a degree of stability. - Lobby glitches: This one is much harder to repeat although I can probably force the issue again if I had my community repeatedly leave my session. We've named this one the host lobby glitch and it is caused by people leaving the session. At certain points the FPS seems to just drop severely and becomes unplayable. The only way we've found to make it stop is to leave session, rejoin and then retake control of my car. (Thank you for this feature btw, without this, the whole situation would be so much more painful) - Lobby glitches pt2: Just following on from the previous one really but as demonstrated in @Bicarda's video there seems to be a major issue with starts. This varies between lights going out for some before others and in other occassions it can be the whole grid being stuck because some people are able to start whilst the rest are also waiting for the lights to even appear. This seems as though there's some sort of validation that the game has built into it where it's waiting for a "ready" message to be sent from the client to everyone else in the server but they're not receiving it despite the client sending it. If that makes sense. These are what I feel are business critical issues to Codemasters. These are the things that will affect future sales of the game and in turn may affect the bidding of the F1 licensing contract later on. I could start with Quality of life fixes but honestly I feel the above are far too important to ignore. I wish I could get involved somehow in the fixing of the above issues. One question I am very keen to get the answer on is regarding the UAT of these updates. To me it looks like Codemasters are working in the agile project format which I think is great with a product that is being used by the consumers such as this one. My issue though is that it seems the UAT on these updates doesn't seem to be thorough enough. Finally, I want to thank everyone at Codemasters for giving us a game that brings us closer to the sport and I hope this is taken constructively with the hope of one day getting a product that feels and plays as good as we want/need it to be.