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  1. I really do not get the idea behind the New and Used car lot mechanic. I want to buy an H2 Historic car that I do not have in my garage anymore to use in a daily challenge. Without it I can not play the available daily. but theres not one available to buy. What the heckleisious does this accomplish? After buying the game, and both Seasons, why should I have to wait hours or days before the car I want is available on the "market"? This just aggravates me to the point of pissyness. Now those around me are subject to having to deal with a pissy adult, even though Bugsbunny did his Easterbasket gig last night. Thats not fair. For anyone. I almost feel bad for my impending jerk like attitude. A video game shouldnt envoke such needless mental warfare on unsuspecting civies. Can't we get this reworked? We could pretend a well stocked Rally and Rallycross dealer has come onto the market ready to accept players credits. Seems an easy fix. Thanks for your consideration. BC/GB
  2. Im seeing the same thing. Flat Out is available for me to buy and install for $9.99 at this moment. I got the Deluxe Upgrade Season 1 and 2 and then added Seasons 3 and 4. So I'm supposed to get Flat Out at no charge. I'm pretty sure I had about the same problem with another game a while back. And for what ever reason, It was just after 10am before the DLC was unlocked and my game updated. This wasnt with a Codie game though. So I'm just gonna put on my "waiting for time to slide" big boy breeches, and try not to pout for a few hours. If it doesn't unlock by 10:03am then I'll though a hissy fit. I'll probably sulk as well. I wanna roll another Collin car on another stage! It should be after 10am UK time by now, its just short of 5am here, did your Flat Out DLC unlock yet? Or did the game auto update and pull it from the Steam servers? (I'm assuming that you're using Steam.) So, after I had posted this reply of coarse Steam is watching and evidently just waiting to make me look like a panicked fanboy who was refreshing a ticket site in hopes of getting a front row seat to a favorite KPop band coming to town. Only to refresh for the 3rd time in hopes of getting that sweat catching position just off center stage, but getting the "Sold Out, sorry chump" instead. 20 minutes or so after posting my Dirt Rally 2.0 game was sitting in the download que just waiting until 7:48 to download. I have no idea how the app decided on that time. Seemed very specific for no reason to me. I'd like to know how that is decided. Anyway, I clicked the arrow up to start the download and 19,8 GB's of Flat Out are now downloading to my E; drive. Here I come Collin's Subaru Legacy RS. I'm a gonna trash you a few times. But then I'll fully upgrade you and only run premium gas, tires, and oil (G.T.O.)in you. My very own G.T.O. I'm sure you have your copy by now. Good luck, have a blast! Thanks Codie's!