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    Can't select 2000CC cars

    Hi All, I need some help please. I own all the seasons of the DLC and have everything downloaded off the PS Store but I can't seem to select 2000cc cars in the time trials. I can see all the R5 DLC cars like the C3 and the VW Polo but I can't see the Fabia WRC or 206 WRC for example. In the career mode, I haven't gotten far at all - do I need to complete it with each class for me to unlock 2000cc or something? Please help! I want to try out the S4 today but that as well, I can't see in game.
  2. having the same issue on PS4 and I have no clue how to solve it. the only difference is that i can see all the R5 cars from the DLC's but no WRC cars (2000cc cars)